An Outlaw in Anson?

Is there an outlaw in Anson? You bet there is, Outlaw Cleaners is here. Instead of wasting your money and time by driving to Abilene to drop off your laundry, then going back to Abilene the next day to pick it up, just drop it off at Outlaw Cleaners. They are located inside the Anson Antiques & Gifts store. If you get that laundry in by 10 am, you can pick it up the next day by 10:30 am. Larry and Linda White wanted to diversify their store and truly be a community home town business. Outlaw Cleaners inside the antique store is a substation/satellite location. The main store for Outlaw Cleaners is located in Clyde and that’s where your items are laundered. Prices range from $3.30 and up. They have special pricing for uniforms (military, police, and fire). They are a full service laundry. So if you have any shirts, slacks, suits, jeans, or maybe you’d like to get your great grandmother’s quilt cleaned, drive the one to five minutes over to Anson Antiques & Gifts and drop those items off. Then take that money you saved in gas by NOT driving to Abilene and treat yourself to a nice warm pastry or a delicious Blue Bell ice cream cone that can be picked up just a few steps away from Outlaw Cleaners in Anson Antiques & Gifts. Stop in and check them out, they are offering a 20% discount on your first visit through the end of February.

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