Jones County Constable Resigns

By Teresa Barbian


The Jones County Commissioners Court met for its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, January 9, 2017. The minutes from the last regular meeting were approved and the following trust property bids were approved; R11880 in the amount of $200, R16398 in the amount of $100.00, R13931 in the amount of $101, R28668 in the amount of $101, and R15130 in the amount of $260.

The next agenda item was to discuss and take action on the disaster declaration and all items related regarding FEMA, TDA, and TDEM forms and requirements. Judge Dale Spurgin received additional proposed project worksheets from FEMA in regards to small projects for Precincts 2 and 3. The court approved for Spurgin to sign the worksheets if the commissioners agree with the proposed projects and return them to FEMA. The court posted notice on January 3, 2017 that they will be requesting funds from TDA for a 25% local match for disaster 4223. This notice has to be displayed for 10 days. Next on the agenda, discuss and take action on bid proposals for road material. The court received one bid from True Limestone Operations and will have crushed limestone rock for road material at $8/ton. The court approved to add this company to the list of vendors that can be used for road repairs. Next, the court approved to add to the minutes the tax assessor-collector continuing education transcript for the reporting period of 6/1/16 – 5/31/17.

Next on the agenda was to discuss and take action on accepting the resignation of the Jones County Constable. Scotty Hansen, who is the current Jones County Constable, sent a letter of resignation to Judge Dale Spurgin effective February 10, 2017. Mr. Hansen has chosen to pursue a career in safety. The court accepted his resignation. Next, discuss and take action on the process for appointment of a Jones County Constable. Any vacancy by an elected official other than a commissioner is filled by the Commissioners Court until the next general election. The court approved to post for this position and accept applications or resumes for two weeks. The court will look at all applications and conduct interviews and will appoint a new Constable during the first meeting of Commissioners Court in February.

The next agenda was to discuss and take action on the treasurer’s report. The bank balance for the end of November was $5,630,610.30; outstanding checks were $167,735.94 so the ending ledger balance for November was $5,462,874.36. The County is secured with First National with $7,546,867.55, the account balance was $6,326,093.04, and therefore the county was over secured by $1,220,774.51. The court approved the treasurer’s report. The court then approved line item transfers and budget amendments and also approved to pay the bills. Next on the agenda, discuss and take action on approval on deputation of County employees. This regards all newly elected County employees. The court approved this item. Next, discuss and take action on order setting the compensation for County Auditor. The court approved to set compensation as set forth by the 2017 budget. The court then approved to set compensation for the Assistant County Auditor and the official Court Reporter as set forth by the 2017 budget.

Next on the agenda was to discuss and take action on approving agenda items 26-39 in one action. The court approved all items as one and they include: bonds for elected officials, set bailiff pay, set salaries of County and Precinct officers, set salaries of employees, set special venire pay, set licensing and registration fees for Tax Agent, set travel pay for Veterans Service Officer, set judge's travel expense, set educational expense for elected officials and Veterans Service Officer, set travel expense for County Agent and Home Demonstration Agent, set jury pay, set paupers funeral expense, set expense account for juvenile board members, and approve Kash for Kids donation for distribution to the child protective board. All monies for these items were set forth by the 2017 budget.

Next on the agenda, discuss and take action on per diem rates for County employees when traveling outside the County. Rates at this time are 40.5 cents per mile and $30 per day for overnight stays for meals. The court approved to change the mileage to 0.53 cents per mile and the per diem amount to $40 per day for overnight stays. Next, discuss and take action on distribution of fire department funds. The court at this time and for 2017 will continue to use a pro-rated history for distribution. But for 2018 will be changing the distribution method based on run reports. This item was approved. The court also approved to continue with the worker’s compensation insurance for volunteer firemen outside city limits while working fires.


The next agenda item was to discuss and take action on an inter-local agreement with Jones County Precinct 4 and the City of Anson. No action was taken at this time, the court will re-visit this item at the next meeting. Next on the agenda was to discuss and take action on a grievance committee. This committee is made up of three public members and three public alternates and is set up according to the requirements of the government code. The members will be Donald George Womack of Anson, Alice F Nichols of Anson, and Alfredo Castillo of Hamlin. The alternates will be David Allen Twillings of Abilene, James Spalding of Hamlin, and Deborah Keel of Merkel. This committee has never had to be activated, but is required by the government. The court approved this item. Next, discuss and take action for appointment of a Purchasing Agent and adopt a policy of expenditures of $750-$5000 to be approved by this purchasing agent. Anything over $5000 must be approved by the Commissioners Court. The court approved to name Judge Dale Spurgin as the purchasing agent. The meeting was then adjourned.

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