New Mayor and Council Sworn In

By Teresa Barbian


The Anson City Council met on Monday, December 12th for their regularly scheduled meeting at the Anson Public Library. Mayor Mike Herndon called the meeting to order and Councilman Larry White led with an opening prayer. The council approved the minutes from the Special Called meeting held on November 21st, then approved the minutes from the last regular council meeting.

The next agenda item was to discuss and take action on a resolution designating an administration service provider and an engineering service provider for the 2017-2018 Texas CDBG Community Development Grant. The City will try to get a grant through TDA (Texas Department of Agriculture) to get new water/sewer lines. The council approved the resolution to select Grantworks as the administrator and Jacob and Martin as the Engineering service. Next on the agenda, the council approved the sale of trust property (R11144) in the amount of $700. Next, the council approved the sale of trust property (R13925) in the amount of $250.

The next agenda item was the police report. David Moore, Chief of Police, presented the Police, Animal Control, and Code Enforcement reports for November. Next on the agenda was the City Manager report. Sonny Campbell, City Manager, presented the council with a financial update. He then told the council that Anson is expecting two new businesses to move into the city. A Star Dodge full service dealership and C-4 Fuel Stop will bring in approximately 30 new jobs between both. Campbell also indicated that there is another company looking at moving to Anson, but could not go into detail at this time. Next, the council approved to pay the bills.

Sara Alfaro was then sworn in as the new Mayor of Anson by City Attorney Chad Cowan. Linda Powell and Robert Patterson were then sworn in as new Council Members by the City Attorney and took their respective spots at the table. Before beginning new business, the Mayor of Anson, Sara Alfaro presented plaques to the outgoing Mayor Mike Herndon and outgoing Councilman Larry White for their service to the City of Anson.


Next on the agenda, discuss and take action on the IDC’s (Industrial Development Corporation) approval of a $19,116.56 loan/grant to Teo Garcia for a concrete slab. The wording of this proposal was incorrect at the last council meeting when it was approved. The council approved the IDC loan/grant. Next there was a presentation from the Tommy Morris Agency. This agency is the broker for health insurance for city employees. Health insurance premiums that the City pays for their employees is increasing 17%, so options on health insurance had to be presented because the increase would put the City over the budget. The City pays 100% of the premium for its employees, and the council discussed a few options. Rather than put the cost of increase on the employee, the council approved an option which would have an out of pocket expense (deductible) of $3700 for the employee. This option allows the City to come under budget for health insurance premiums. Next on the agenda, discuss and take action on the purchase of winter coats for City employees. The council approved this purchase. Next were presentations from citizens and the meeting was adjourned.

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