Quay Stokes Named Player of the Week

By Linda Miller


‘Built Ford Tough Player of the Week for 2A Football of Texas’, ‘ATFCU Player of the Week’, and ‘#1 Big Country Player of the Week’ are the titles that Quay has received after the Hawley Bearcat vs. Seymour Panthers game on September 30th.

Stokes threw almost 500 yards, ran for another 99 yards, scored 7 total touchdowns in the game with Seymour. He is a very strong and talented player.

Stokes made the varsity team coming in as a freshman in high school within 3 weeks of starting. Stokes makes good comments about his teammates, about their effectiveness. Lots of times, the play is supposed to get ‘like 6 yards’ but the player turns in 60 yards. One of Stokes teammates commented that Quay is one of the best quarterbacks in the district.

Stokes’ plans for the future after high school graduation is to go to Michigan for dentistry school. He said that Michigan has the 3rd best dentistry program in the nation ---besides Tom Brady and Derek Jeter went there and he wants to join the Alumni.

His goal is to get a couple of years into dentistry, then do a traveling dentistry in Africa and Asia where they do not have a lot of dentists.

This young man is determined and dedicated to his team and school, and his future.

Also, last week Hawley’s wide receivers: Zach Burt, Shane Guerra, and Cade Frazier was picked #7 in the ‘Big Country Player of the Week’. The Trio has caught 27 of Stoke’s 32 completions. Burt had 2 touchdowns with 165 yards; Guerra had 11 carries for 159 yards; Frazier was 9 for 125 yards.

Also, Samantha Newton was picked #6. She is member of the Lady Cats’ Volleyball team. She is an ‘outside hitter’ and has big numbers on the front and back lines.

Others are mentioned playing against Snyder and Benjamin are: Madison Chaney (SR) is ‘outside hitter’ and has combined 22 kills, 2 digs, and 5 blocks; Lainey Taylor (SR) is ‘middle blocker’ and has combined 9 kills, 8 aces, 3 digs, and 11 blocks; Rylee Powell (SR) is a ‘setter’ and has combined 2 kills, 7 aces, 33 assists, and 10 digs; Hannah Rule (SO) is ‘outside hitter’ and has combined 7 kills, 4 aces, 4 assists, 13 digs, and 1 block; Vanalice Bailey (SO) is ‘middle blocker’ and has combined 14 kills and 10 blocks.

To be considered for the ‘Big Country Player of the Week’, athlete/s must be nominated by their coaching staffs.


I know everyone in Hawley ISD, friends, and families are very proud of all our athletes that are picked for this honor. Way to go Bearcats/Lady Cats!

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