Friday Morning Breakfast Club

By Teresa Barbian


Anyone who grew up before and during the 80’s has probably heard of the movie The Breakfast Club. Some of the younger generation may have heard of the movie also. This movie centers around five teenagers with very different backgrounds who happen to be stuck with each other in a high school library for Saturday detention. These teenagers soon realize that they have more in common than they think. Anson’s Friday morning breakfast club isn’t exactly the same, but it is a group of individuals with different backgrounds and there’s no denying the love of the Lord with these folks. This breakfast club originally started with local law enforcement and ministry leaders that met for breakfast every Friday at the now closed Sirloin 66. Through the years, this gathering has dwindled in size, but not in spirit. Local ministry leaders and community leaders still meet today at Lozano’s Taqueria. And yes, even the ‘common’ citizen can join in also. The group meets to fellowship with each other, to find out what’s happening in the area churches, and to pray for each other and the needs of the community.

This week the group was honored to have Matthew Cutshaw join them for breakfast. Matthew is the grandson of the late Richard Payne. A special prayer was said for Richard's family, and it was noted that he was having a glorified breakfast with the Lord this morning. Richard was one of the original members of the breakfast club. This morning as I visited with them, the club had reserved an empty chair to pay tribute to Richard. He was once the pastor of First United Methodist Church here in Anson, but he was probably known more for his honey. Richard owned and operated The Honey Tree for many years. Richard really loved attending the Friday morning breakfast club and as I listened to the great stories told by the group I could tell how much he meant to those around the table.

I spoke with Gabriel Lozano, owner of Lozano’s Taqueria, on what it meant for the breakfast club to meet at his restaurant. “It’s a blessing to have all the different churches meet. It’s about friendship and being a Christian community.” It brings joy to the community when people with different religious backgrounds can come together and glorify God; what an awesome feeling.


So if you have some time to spare, the breakfast club would love to have you on Friday mornings. You can experience God’s love by fellowshipping with others of faith. They may not worship exactly how you do, but I can guarantee they are all glorifying God and lifting our community up to Him.

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