“Rocks”, A Positive Movement in the Community

By Teresa Barbian


Have you ever had one of those days when everything you do seems to go wrong? Maybe the kids were late to school for whatever reason. Maybe you were grocery shopping and realized after all your items were rung up that you left your wallet sitting on the kitchen table, or maybe you stepped on a Lego that one of your kids left in the middle of the floor. Do all the major news outlets seem to only be reporting on all the bad things happening in our world today? Well hopefully this article will brighten your day. There are groups of people trying to spread happiness, love, and inspiration when you least expect it. I stumbled across a painted rock at the office last week. It had, “Just keep swimming” and some fish painted on it. What a smile it brought to my face! Sometimes people just need to hear a nice thought. I thought, “Wow, that just made my day.” I wasn’t necessarily having a bad day, but it really put me in a more positive mood before tackling my busy schedule. On the back of my rock, it had #BIGCOUNTRYROCKS. I thought to myself, “Now what in the world does that mean?”, so I did some investigating.

There is a Facebook page, Big Country “ROCKS” that has posts and pictures of people finding these rocks all over the place, and, yes, you can see the rock I found. Comments of how finding that rock made their day can also be seen. I spoke with Delila Merrick who created the page. She got the idea from a family member who was part of Brazoria County “ROCKS”. Apparently there are a multitude of communities taking part in this ‘rock movement’.


The goal of these groups is to spread happiness, love, and inspiration through the simple gesture of painting rocks and hiding them throughout the community for people to find. This community building group is meant to inspire creativity in all ages and bring kids and families back together again in a world gone completely wild. Any person of any age can do this. Think of it as a kind of replacement for Pokemon Go, only no technology is involved and it’s less dangerous. If you find a rock, they’d like it if you could post a picture of it on their Facebook page. You can keep the rocks or re-hide them; it’s totally up to you. So join the ‘rock movement’ and get your kids away from the television, the tablet, or any other electronic device and get creative with those rocks. You don’t necessarily have to paint them, just take a sharpie and write something positive on it. When you’re hiding them, be respectful of private property and businesses and please DO NOT leave them on ATM’s or anything that might have cameras to detect skimmers. Some examples of where you can hide them are; at the entrance of a store or near a gas pump. Really, anywhere you can think of that people may find them. Think of that smile you’ll put on someone’s face that finds it, it may be the only time they smile that day.

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