School Board Discusses Items for Upcoming School Year

By Will McClure


The Stamford ISD School Board held its regular meeting last Monday evening to discuss upcoming changes to the 2016-2017 school year as well as formally announce School Trustees elections for November 8. After the meeting was called to order and the invocation was given, Dr. Shaun Barnett took the time to report to the board the hiring of 11 new employees to Stamford ISD.

One of the biggest changes to the SISD faculty was the hiring of new Oliver Elementary principal Kyle Chambers, who Barnett said is currently training in San Antonio, but would try to be present for the next regular meeting. Barnett said that Chambers will and has been a great addition to the administration thus far ahead of the new year. The hires also included three new members of the coaching staff who were Missy Dutchover as the new head girls' basketball coach, Casey Gossett as the new assistant girls' basketball coach and elementary PE teacher and Dalton DeGraffenreid who will be part of the boys' athletics as well as teach junior high science. Other new employees were Leslie Chambers, who will be a class size reduction teacher at the middle school, a new Spanish teacher, Becky Pair as a high school math teacher and also help in the technology department, Holly Chaplain as a kindergarten teacher, Julie Ann Bryant in first grade, Ann Heatington in fourth grade and a new FCCLA teacher. After naming the new employees, the meeting moved forward with discussing the upcoming budget for the 2016-2017 school year.

After a brief discussion, it was announced that the budget will have a final hearing during a special meeting on August 31 where it will be formally voted on. With no further discussion, the meeting moved on to new business.

After approving the minutes from the June meeting as well as the budget amendments, the board looked at the proposal for the maintenance/operating and interest/sinking tax rate for the 2016-2017 year. Barnett and Staci Robertson noted that the district will see some savings from last year, with the recommendation being that the board proposes the same tax rate from last year. Barnett said that this would only be a proposal at this point, which will be published in the local newspapers, and the final approval will take place at the August 31 meeting along with the approval of the budget. The board then approved the Student Code of Conduct for the year, which saw no major changes besides updates to certain dates as well as the change in principals at Oliver and the high school. After that, the board looked at the 2016-2017 appraisal calendar which falls under a new teacher appraisal system called T-TESS. The calendar will remain virtually the same under the state-mandated system which the district must follow or create their own using the same criteria. The board elected to approve the calendar as presented as well as approve the three school principals and one vice principal to serve as primary and secondary appraisers.


The board then moved forward to formally order school trustee elections for November 8. The terms up for regular elections are the seats currently occupied by Cary McClintock, Pete Anders and Lindy Patton while there will also be a special election called for Jason Hall, who took over the unexpired term from Sutton Page earlier in the year. Hall will need to run for the seat and be formally elected at that time before entering the normal rotation. Anyone interested in running for these seats will need to complete a packet and turn it into the administration office to Joan Hager by no later than August 22 at 5:00 pm. The board then moved to approve four property bids as presented as well as a new policy update that reflect TASBY changes which included the removal of the Highly Qualified Teacher status and issues with the ESSA being removed as well as the removal of the No Child Left Behind program. With no other business to attend to and no need to go into executive session, the meeting adjourned at 6:41 pm. The next meetings will be a special meeting on Wednesday, August 31 where the board will vote to approve the budget and tax rate for the 2016-2017 year while the next regular meeting is scheduled to take place on Monday, September 12.

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