Anson Residents Receive New Homes

By Teresa Barbian


There were smiles, tears of joy, and excitement on the faces of five families in Anson on Wednesday, August 3, 2016. Rachel Aguero, Joe and Rosita Lara, Judy Wright, Mary and Israel Jimenez, and Arlene Lynn were presented keys to their new homes. Four out of five of these residents were so excited that they left their keys in the door as they stepped inside their new homes for the first time. These residents of Anson qualified for new homes through the City of Anson HOME Program. The HOME Program provides funds to assist low income homeowners to replace their current home with a new house built on the same lot or, in some cases, to repair their existing home. The families had to remove all of their belongings and their houses were demolished and rebuilt in less than three months. Randy Malouf Builders completed the enormous task of building these five homes all at the same time. Jay Francis from GrantWorks helped to coordinate this project.

City Manager Sonny Campbell and Administrative Assistant Cody Burleson went to each home to present these new homeowners their keys. According to Francis and Campbell, it was Cody Burleson who was the hero responsible for helping these families. He helped fill out forms, educate the families on what information they needed to provide, faxed information for the families, answered questions, and even helped one of the families temporarily relocate while her home was being built. He wasn’t the mastermind of the project, but he was the go-to person to help make this possible for these deserving residents.


Each home is handicapped accessible with wider door entrances, lower light switches, etc. Each home was furnished with a refrigerator, stove, built in microwave over the stove, dishwasher, and washer and dryer. A few of the residents were just as excited about the washer/dryer as they were with their new home. Congratulations to all the families. If you would like more information or to see if you might qualify for the HOME Program, contact City Hall at 823-2411.

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    Lupe Jimenez Pena (Tuesday, 16 August 2016 14:40)

    Thank you'll so much for helping these people in need