New Book Presents Stories about Stamford

Clear Fork Publishing is proud to present a new book that takes all of our favorite stories from the last few years of the Stamford American and combines them in one book. The title of the book is “Swensons, Penick, and the TCR: The History of Stamford through the Pages of the Stamford American.”

Join us as we tell you the story of Stamford, as seen through the pages and stories of the Stamford American. Here we have gathered some of our favorite stories for you to hold on to and learn why we love being the town crier of our piece of Jones County.

The story of the development of Stamford begins with the Swenson Brothers, local ranchers who owned the town site and the surrounding area, who cooperated with the Texas Central Railroad to organize a town site company to market lots and develop business. H. McHarg, president of the Texas Central Railroad, named the site in 1900 for his hometown in Connecticut.

Learn about the first Mayor of Stamford, Pierre Paul Berthelot or the charismatic "Father of Stamford," R. L. Penick, the Texas Cowboy Reunion that was begun in 1930 and many other stories that have appeared in the Stamford American.

Featured in the story are R. L. Penick: Father of Stamford, Swante Magnus Swenson, Pierre Paul Berthelot, Henry King McHarg, William David Reynolds, John Selmon, Tommie Rector, Robert Strauss, L.A. “Lefty” Wendeborn, Stamford Sanitarium and Stamford Memorial Hospital, Stamford Tri-Area Stock Show, First Baptist Church, Rotary Club, Stamford Inn, the Texas Cowboy Reunion, the Harrison women, Oldtimer’s Association, Gary Mathis, Coach Templeton, Myrtle Richards, Billie Mayes, Ed Ekdahl, Knowles Auction, Carol McKee and Phyllis Davis, J.W. Golden, Lola Long, Paul Wright, Nancy Robinson Masters, Roger Clark, Tony Selmon, Nancy West, Bearden Photography, Stamford Insurance, Dorothy Drain, Jennifer Craig, Anita Dozier, Sue Vanderworth, Clif Cobb, Mary Vanderventer, Darlene Walton, Fareed Hassen, and Raymond Hollabaugh.


Copies can be picked up at the Stamford American/ Noteworthy or can be ordered through or The cost of the book is $12.99, plus tax and shipping, if mailed.

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