New Barber in Town: J.D.’s Barber Shop Opens for Business

By Will McClure


With the hustle and bustle of TCR weekend, many individuals found themselves running from one place to the next to get ready for the next event. However, for one individual, it was a different kind of hurry as J.D. Harris of Hamlin officially opened his doors to J.D.’s Barber Shop, a new barber shop in town that is taking over the spot formerly occupied by the Service Barber Shop. Although he said himself that he knows that he has big shoes to fill, Harris is up for the challenge to fill a need for Stamford as he opened his doors for the first time last Friday, July 1. While his first day on the job proved to be a busy affair with one client coming in after another, Harris was still able to sit down for a few minutes to relate his journey to Stamford to open up his first business.

Before obtaining his barber’s license, Harris worked for nine years in the oil field, traveling to many places all over Texas during that time. However, the need to be at home had started to weigh on Harris, who is a single father, so he decided to make a change in careers that would allow him to provide for his family as well as be home each and every night. When he came to make the decision to leave the oilfield, he decided on a career path that he felt was in demand: becoming a barber. After completing one year of schooling and passing two tests, Harris was ready to open up his first shop, but originally was not planning on opening in Stamford.

"I actually [still] live in Hamlin," Harris said. "Gary Decker was the one that got me to Stamford. He pretty much talked me into coming over here."

With the sudden retirement of J.W. Golden in late May and empty until June, the shop at 107 W. McHarg was be renovated within a week to allow Harris to open in time on the first day of July. When asked about taking over the location that had been operated by Golden since 2003, Harris said that he did have some big shoes to fill with Golden along with long standing barbers in Hamlin and Haskell, calling them the "last of the old school traditional barbers," noting how hairstyles have changed over the years, but he hopes to maintain that traditional feel set forth by those before him. Harris said that he hopes that he can keep up and is up for the challenge to fill a need for the people in Stamford. That challenge would be taken on quickly when he officially opened his door at 8 a.m. on July 1.

Although he had done very little advertising aside from a small float in the TCR parade, Harris has quickly found his first customers in his new venture, with his clientele happy to see a new barber in town and leaving satisfied with a job well done.

"It's been nonstop [for the first day]," Harris said. "Pretty much word of mouth is advertising in a small town. Everybody seems to like it so far, [but] I just want to provide a small town with good, cheap care that's top quality."

The smiles on the faces of the customers tell the story after leaving J.D.'s Barber Shop as Stamford once again has a traditional barber to go to for the basic service that will always be in demand. Harris is humbled with the quick and positive response and hopes to bring a quality service to Stamford for the foreseeable future. Along with providing a basic haircut for $10 ($20 for an after-hour cut), Harris offers a hot shave for $8 and a beard trim/line up for $6, offering more than just a standard haircut if one needs one of these other services. J.D's Barber Shop will be open Tuesday through Saturday for 8-6 and walk-ins are always welcome. Those wishing to make an appointment or for more information on the services he offers can call Harris at 325-267-0730.

And so, as another business opens its doors in Stamford, we wish J.D. Harris all of the best as he begins this new chapter in his life as he looks to provide for his family as well as provide a much-needed service for our small town community. Welcome to Stamford, J.D., and good luck!




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