Making Anson Awesome

By Teresa Barbian


Small towns have a lot to offer: safety, comfort, and charm. But often times, they don’t have the options larger cities do like restaurants and entertainment. Many residents of Anson drive to Abilene simply because what they are looking for can’t be found here in town. One family is changing that. Leticia Hernandez and her family have opened Awesome Muscles, Anson’s first fitness gym. Hernandez, who was born and raised in Anson, said she knew there was a lot of interest in having a gym in Anson. She was hesitant at first, but when a health scare and tragedy struck in her family, she knew what God’s plan was. She also received encouragement to open the gym from her brother-in-law Jason Hernandez who many of you may know as Zumba Jason. They decided to honor her late brother by naming the gym Awesome Muscles. “He always said he was awesome and was always into a play on words,” she lovingly recalled. She also stated that she wanted to “Always have a part of him in everything that we do.”

Leticia works in the physical therapy department at Anson General Hospital and working there has given her so much knowledge about how much exercise can do for a person, not only for their health but for their emotional well being as well. “The hardest part of the whole process was finding a building.” Once she did, her entire family pitched in when it came time for renovations. From painting to cleaning up or moving things around, her entire family, including extended family members, played a role in opening the gym. So she refers to her business as a “family thing.”

Awesome Muscles offers several membership packages. You can sign a year’s contract for discounts or just be a month to month member. They also offer a senior plan for those of you over 55. You have to be 13 years or older to exercise on the equipment because of liability issues and those of you ages 13 to 17 must have an adult present when working with or on the equipment. Awesome Muscles wanted a price range that was affordable for everyone in the community. How awesome is that?


They also love Anson and want to be as supportive as possible of the community. They are passionately working towards offering classes and child care, but that could be a while down the road. So if you are interested in getting into shape, living a healthier lifestyle, or simply want to pump up those biceps, come by and check out Awesome Muscles. They are located at 1204 Commercial and someone is there Monday through Friday 10am to 3pm to help you register. If you can’t come by during those hours, call 325-260-2011 and they’ll set up an appointment for you. They have 24 hour access for their members, so no excuses like “I didn’t have time to get there before they closed”. Come by and meet the awesome family of Awesome Muscles, you’ll be awe-so glad you did.

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