Changing Times: Greg London to be New High School Principal

By Will McClure


In life, there is always change and with change comes new opportunities. However, sometimes with these new opportunities comes a chance to see some familiar faces in the future. This is exactly the situation within Stamford ISD with Oliver Elementary Principal Greg London as he will officially leave Oliver and move on to become the new principal at Stamford High School this fall. Being a part of Stamford ISD for the last several years at Oliver, London is no stranger to the high school setting as he was formerly the principal at Anson High School before moving to Stamford. With the days winding down to the end of the school year and the end of his tenure at Oliver, London was able to sit down and talk briefly about his time at Oliver and the decision to move to Stamford High School.

With outgoing principal Casey Stone taking another position elsewhere, London was afforded the opportunity to make the change and move to the high school level. He said that he felt like the timing was right for him and his family where it offered him an opportunity to be with his son for one more year before he graduates as well as his daughter who is entering sixth grade in the fall, thus giving him the ability to be on the same street as his two children. However, this was not his sole reason for moving to the high school.

“It’s the opportunity to meet the students I’ve had here [at Oliver] in a few years as they step into high school,” London said. “Basically, my first year here, fifth graders will be freshmen and so that’s kind of going to be a neat experience to transition with them to high school and seeing them through. And then all of the other grade levels and these four years of fifth graders moving on and watching them grow and finish in our system.”

London went on to say that his decision to move to the high school has nothing to do with his position at Oliver, noting how it is a tremendous campus and has excellent teachers, helping him learn a lot during his time as principal there. He said that Stamford should be very proud of the school and what they have done for their children over the years. He said that he felt he was at the time in his life to do something different and to be able to see the same students when they were in Oliver would be very rewarding as he could continue to see them succeed at the next level.

When asked what goals he has, London said that he had no specific goals at the time, but wanted to build on the academic success left by Mr. Stone, noting all of the great things that he and the faculty have done over the years, with London wanting to be a part of that success. He did note that he wants to be a part of the situation where the teachers and students are excited to come to school, saying that being excited to come to school is a huge struggle with all school districts today and it is not a negative on anyone on any level of administration or faculty.

“It turns into....we’re going to have a good attitude and work hard and we will be satisfied with the results of whatever we do,” London said. London would go on to mention that he was happy to be working more closely with Vice Principal Jeremy West with whom he went to high school in Vernon, Texas. He said that he and West grew up together in Vernon and graduated together in 1992 before eventually finding themselves not only working in the same school district, but also having the opportunity to work together at Stamford High School.


And so, as Mr. Greg London closes his tenure at Oliver Elementary and looks to start the next chapter at Stamford High School, there is no telling what the future may hold, but it is certain that the students will always be the priority and that they will be in good hands no matter which campus they are on. As of this writing, applications are still being taken and interviews set up for the next principal at Oliver Elementary. London is grateful for the opportunity to move to the high school and is thankful for his years at Oliver and the teachers that have dedicated themselves to helping students continue to succeed.

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