Hawley Takes 1A-2A State Powerlifting Championship

By Linda Miller


Carlee Pitcher and Courtney Dillard, both Hawley Seniors, took the State Championship of Class 132 and 123 pounds. 

Hawley entered the competition as the defending state team champions and placed second in the team standings.  Seagraves scored 19 points over Hawley’s 14 points behind Dillard and Pitcher.

Hawley was there at the opening day at the Texas High School Women’s Powerlifting Association State Meet at Corpus Christi American Bank Center Camp in Corpus Christi, Texas, to show everyone Hawley Powerlifters are State Champions.

Courtney Dillard won the 114 pound championship last year in 2015, but this year she won another state championship title at a higher weight class with squatting 320 pounds, benching 180 pounds and finishing with a 330  deadlift to give her the edge.

Coach Kevin Stoker had Courtney working  at filling out a little bit and getting stronger.  Courtney filled out to 123 pounds and set records right and left all season.

Carlee Pitcher dominated her Class 132 pound division.  She opened with 340 pound squat, benched 215 pounds, and finished by pulling 365 in the deadlift.   Last year, Carlee  bomb-outed at the state meet in the bench press which was a very big disappointment. This year, she not only had a state title, but had been named “Best Lightweight Lifter”.  She was super technical with everything especially, bench press and deadlift.

Coach Stoker stated that Carlee is a super strong girl especially coming back from last year and winning with such determination.

To look at Carlee and Courtney, they are delicate, tiny, and beautiful young ladies, but I have decided that I do not want to get those girls upset.  LOL


Congratulations, to both, Carlee Pitcher and Courtney Dillard.

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