Anson EMS Building to be Restored

By Teresa Barbian


The Anson General Hospital Board of Directors and the Anson Hospital District Board of Directors met for their regularly scheduled meeting on February 23, 2016 at 6:00pm and 7:00pm respectively. The Hospital Board of Directors meeting was called to order. There was no public comment and the minutes for the January 26, 2016 and February 17, 2016 meeting were approved. The Board then discussed the Administrator’s Report. There is a March 31st target date for the change of ownership to take place. The board discussed purchasing extended coverage for professional/general liability insurance to cover any claims that could be filed on any date that occurs before the hospital is transferred to the hospital district.

The Hospital Administrator then told the board that the restoration of the EMS building is underway and is about half way finished. The restoration should be completed in another two weeks. The CBC machine has arrived and should be up and running within the week. The Administrator then told the board that there were two resignations from the clinic. A new nurse practitioner was hired and that Dr. Chapanos has stepped up to cover the ER at night. There was a plumbing issue that was resolved, and the board decided to table other issues with the plumbing since it did not need immediate attention. The board then approved to keep Michael Morris as the Hospital Interim Administrator for an additional 30 days or pro-rate his salary if a new hospital administrator is hired.

The financial reports for January 2016 were then discussed. The net income for the month was $60,497.06. There were more receipts than cash flow, therefore making a negative cash flow of $130,784.44. Total payroll payout was $215,560.93. There was a net loss for EMS of $2978.36 and a net loss for the clinic of $1739.15. This meeting was adjourned.


The Hospital District Board of Directors then called their meeting to order. There was no public comment and the minutes from the prior two meetings were approved. The Hospital Administrator opened the floor for discussion on any changes to draft by-laws as discussed in the January meeting. No changes were discussed. The board then discussed an extended coverage for professional/general liability insurance at the time of asset transfer to the hospital district. This was the same discussion the Hospital Board had. An unlimited plan was approved by the Hospital Board. The District Board then discussed the approval of an election judge. Since only seven people filed to be on the District Board then they are automatically “elected”. The District Board will officially cancel the May election at their March meeting. The new board members will take their seats on May 10, 2016 at the May meeting. The District Board meeting was adjourned.

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