Acquiring Properties for Less

By Teresa Barbian


Are you looking for property in Jones County? Are you looking to get the most bang for your buck? Why not look into acquiring a trust property? A trust property is a property where the taxes have not been paid over a period of time. The County files a suit on these properties and they try to auction them off. If no one purchases the property during the auction or pays the taxes, then it becomes a trust property. According to the city manager of Anson, Sonny Campbell, “The city has had way too many properties sitting dormant, so the city decided to start cleaning these properties. Not only does it help the neighbors, but it helps increase the property value.”

Last year the city of Anson entered into an agreement with Texas Communities Group to try to sell these properties and in the last month has sold around six properties. This group compiles a list and makes a pamphlet with a list of the properties that are available. They then put signs on the property to let people know they are available. These listings are also available at the Jones County Appraisal District office or City Hall. They can also be viewed by visiting the appraisal district website at, where a map of the available properties is also included. This map provides the parcel ID of the property necessary to search to find out if it is in trust. This website also gives additional information, such as square footage and the market value information.

Once a property has been decided on a bid is submitted. These bids will stay online for 24 days. After 24 days, the three taxing agents, the county, the city, and the school district will then decide to accept the bid or reject it. All three taxing entities have to agree to accept the bid before the property is sold. Since Anson General Hospital became a hospital tax district, it will begin deciding whether to accept or reject a bid next year. In order for these properties to be back on the market, the court costs for most have been waived. The ultimate goal is for all properties to be owned by someone, and all bids will be entertained. “But it is a business also, and we just can’t give the properties away,” said Sonny Campbell.

If the bid is approved, a $65 fee plus the bid amount needs to be sent to the Texas Communities Group. They will take care of transferring the deed and the money for the bid amount is then dispersed to the taxing entities. If the property that was sold was one that was cleaned up by the city, then all the bid money is dispersed to the city. Keep in mind, this is a new process for the City of Anson, so the Jones County Appraisal website may not be up to date with the property 

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