Local Woman Arrested For Debit Card Abuse

By Teresa Barbian


On February 2nd the Anson Police Department obtained 28 arrest warrants for the arrest of Kimberly Dawn Gonzales for the criminal offense of Debit Card Abuse. Each time a debit card was used, it is a State Jail Felony. Bond was set at $3,000.00 per bond, which totaled $84,000.00. Chief David Moore stated there are more Affidavit of Forgeries that have not been turned into the Anson Police Department. "As of February 9, 2016 we have eleven victims and we’re up to 60 fraudulently debit card transactions. The remaining 32 offenses, along with the 28 offenses Gonzales was arrested for, will be presented to a Grand Jury."


Kimberly Dawn Gonzales was employed with the H&R Block branch located in Anson, Texas. During her employment Gonzales allegedly used numerous client’s personal information to apply for and obtain Emerald Advance Lines of Credit. Gonzales possessed and used the client’s identifying information without their knowledge and consent. Gonzales was able to fraudulently obtain Emerald Advance prepaid debit cards. Using the Emerald Advance prepaid debit cards, Gonzales conducted more than fifty transactions online and at various ATMs. H&R Block has charged off the accounts that Gonzales obtained fraudulently. H&R Block is at a current loss of $9,201.43, with more to come. H&R Block’s Fraud Department has provided the Anson Police Department with records and has assisted with documents showing the time and dates and locations where the debit cards were used. With that information, the Anson Police Department obtained video footage of Gonzales allegedly using the debit cards at ATMs.

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