Firework Sales Approved

By Teresa Barbian


The regular meeting of the Jones County Commissioners Court met on February 8th, 2016. The meeting was called to order by Judge Dale Spurgin and the minutes from the last regular meeting were approved. Agenda item #2 was to discuss and take action on the sale of fireworks in Jones County. The Texas Association of Counties has expanded firework season to include Texas Independence Day, San Jacinto Day, Cinco De Mayo, and Memorial Day. A new law gives discretion to counties to decide if firework sales would be allowed in their counties. After much back and forth, a motion from Precinct 3 Commissioner Ross Davis was made to approve the sale of fireworks. This decision was a tough one to make for all commissioners. This approval is only for unincorporated areas of Jones County. The cities within Jones County still have their own laws regarding the sale and use of fireworks. This approval is only for Texas Independence Day season and the approved time for firework sales is from February 22 through midnight on March 2nd. If the Fire Service determines that drought conditions exist, then the approval can be voided. Each new firework season will be discussed and either approved or disapproved by the Commissioners Court.

Next, the court approved a bid of $100 submitted by Mackenzie Trail Cowboy Church for the purchase of (R15189) Lot 12, Block 86, original town of Stamford, Jones County, TX. The court costs were waived. The next item on the agenda was to discuss and take action on road material and material hauling bids and/or proposals. Four eligible vendors submitted bids that were approved for the commissioners to choose from for the various projects in the County.

Agenda item #5 was to discuss and take action on the disaster declaration and all items related regarding FEMA, TDA, and TDEM forms and requirements. All FEMA money has been received and deposited for repair projects. The County has submitted all forms for a TDA grant to reimburse the 25% of the local funds used to pay for these projects. No action was taken as this was just to let the court know that the proper forms were submitted and forwarded to the Texas AG Commissioner’s office. Next, the Commissioners discussed and took action on TXDOT County Transportation Infrastructure Grant. There was one invoice that was left off, so an amendment was resubmitted to TXDOT. The County is waiting on approval from TXDOT to commence the road work projects. No action was taken.

The next agenda item was to discuss and take action on the inmate housing agreement with the US Marshal Service. The last correspondence from the Marshal Service wanted to confirm the physical address of the jail. The information has been submitted to Washington. No action was taken.

Next agenda item was to discuss and take action on the inmate housing agreement with the City of Abilene. County Attorney Chad Cowen submitted an agreement for $45 per day to the City Attorney of Abilene. Still waiting on a response from them, no action was taken.


The Commissioners then dealt with the appointment of election judges and alternate judges for the primary election. Leann Jennings, County Clerk, provided a list of names and the court approved them. Next on the agenda was to discuss and take action to procure grant administrative services for the disaster grant. This is an action to start the procurement process for HOWCO, item was approved. Next, the treasurer’s report was submitted and approved by the court and there were no line item transfers. The court approved to pay the bills and the meeting was adjourned.

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