Anson ISD Board Meeting

By Teresa Barbian


The Anson ISD Board of Trustee’s had their regular scheduled meeting on February 8, 2016. The meeting was opened with a prayer by Danny Jimenez and the board recognized its special guests. Anson High School Student of the Month was Haley Macias. Anson Middle School Student of the Month was Drew Hagler. Anson Elementary School Student of the Month was Niki Somoza.

Next on the agenda was the Campus Safety and Security Presentation and Discussion. School Superintendent Jay Baccus visited with companies that specialize in safety and security while at the mid-winter conference. He has had three companies come in and look at all three campuses and has only received one quote back. For around $14,000, one company said it could install cameras and lock the doors down for the main hallways on all three campuses. The locked doors could be on a buzzer system or a key pad entry. Mr. Baccus also stated that fencing around the entire elementary school would cost around $15,000. Mr. Baccus said he still had other options he was looking into. No action was taken.

The next agenda item was the Consent Agenda. The minutes from the last board meeting were approved and there were no student transfer requests. The Bills and Finance Report was presented next. Anson ISD had paid Nick Baker $4,470 to spray for weeds and fertilize the fields. If the school board continues to contract with Mr. Baker, it will cost between 10 to 12 thousand dollars a year. Anson ISD also paid RSI $20,524 to rewire their network, and the last bus payment was made. Anson ISD has $430,790 in its Debt Service Fund to pay the lease purchase agreement. Local sources and taxes are starting to trickle in to Anson ISD in the amount of $877,378. Their total revenue is $4,032,314 and their total expenditures are $4,032,974. The balance of all funds is $1,990,000 and there are $700,000 in CDs. The Bills and Finance Report was approved.

The 2015-2016 Budget Amendments were discussed next. Money was moved out of the school nurse’s supply fund to cover travel expenses to the School Nurse Conference in Dallas. And money was moved to plant maintenance to cover an HVAC system that had to be purchased. These items were approved.

Coach Hagler presented the Athletic Director’s Report. He first presented next year’s football schedule. He then had lots of praise for our other athletes. The principals then gave their reports.

Next on the agenda was the Superintendent’s Report. The student count for all campuses is 697. When the attorneys can come up with documentation that all parties can agree upon, the Medicaid Services Contract can be adopted by the board. Mr. Baccus discussed the UIL Realignment and Anson ISD is the Football Chair for the upcoming season. The superintendent and all principals will be spending several days training for the new appraisal system in evaluating teachers. This new system will be implemented next year.

The next agenda item was Property Bids. A bid in the amount of $1500 was received and approved for R23534. Bids for R22877 and R11739 were rejected by the board.

Agenda item number 11 was the School Board Evaluations. Board members were given evaluation forms to take home and fill out. These evaluations will be discussed during next month’s meeting.


The 2016-2017 School Calendar was next on the agenda. The board approved a proposal of 175 days which accounts for 78,030 minutes which meets the new regulations. Next on the agenda was the Anson ISD Facilities Plan. Fencing around the elementary school and campus security were added to the plan. The board is still waiting to hear total dollar amounts for these items. The board also discussed prioritizing the facilities plan and decided on the following order; fencing for the elementary school, campus security, the bus shop, and the fuel station. The board then went into executive session.

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