Anson EMS Has You Covered

By Teresa Barbian


Are the City of Anson’s ambulance “woes” behind them? While the decision has yet to be determined of who will own/operate the Anson EMS, the ambulance crew is up and running. The new crew is temporarily using a metal barn as a makeshift ambulance building to house all their supplies. The small enclosure inside the barn is being used by the EMS staff to stay as comfortable as possible while they wait for those emergency calls and complete their paperwork. Because it would not be financially feasible, the old ambulance station will not be re-built and the City of Anson is looking for a permanent structure to house Anson EMS. The Anson EMS staff currently consists of two paramedics and six EMT’s. The addition of the paramedics ensures ALS (Advanced Life Saving) runs if needed. I sat down with all but two new staff members and discussed what their plans were for our ambulance service, and you can bet Anson is in good hands with this new crew. With all the credentials this staff has, not to mention five of them are certified firefighters, the City of Anson should feel more comfortable knowing help is just a phone call away.

Brad Moncrief is the new EMS Director. He is an EMT and has lived in Anson for six years. He wants to improve the image of Anson EMS. He said because of prior circumstances, “Anson EMS kinda got a bad reputation.” He wants to, “Provide good service and get people trusting in us again.” He also wants to ensure the community that the new EMS is highly qualified and that the people of Anson should rest easy knowing the ambulance service is here in case of any emergency. The current crew has a combined total of about 30 years of experience.

Justin Poland, a licensed paramedic, moved here from the Dallas area. He has 20 years of experience. He is also a Licensed EMS instructor, a certified flight paramedic, trained in critical care transport, certified in CPR, advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), and trained in pediatric advanced life support (PALS). He grew up in a small community like Anson and has worked in several large cities. He says, “There is no reason this small town shouldn’t have world class EMS like they have in Dallas/Ft. Worth.” He said he hopes to develop a CE (Continuous Education) program for the staff members to stay on top of their certifications.

The other crew members for Anson EMS are Will Campbell, EMT Paramedic/ACLS/PALS; James Boucher, EMT; Dylan Whisenhunt, EMT; Estaban Ortega, EMT; Justin Baker, EMT; and Leonard McVey, EMT/ACLS. This entire crew is excited about working here in Anson. The EMS staff works 48 hour shifts and each shift has a minimum of two crew members. According to Brad Moncrief, “Right now, we have a paramedic 20 days out of the month and my ultimate goal is to have a paramedic on duty for every shift.”

So rest assured Anson, we are covered for all sorts of emergencies that may occur. Let’s all welcome this new crew and if you ever have to dial 911, know that Anson EM

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    Jeannie Free (Friday, 11 December 2015 21:30)

    Wow, that is just great! I wonder why all the changes now? I remember when working at the City of Anson two young Emts coming into City hall wanting to know if they could please hire a relief person because they were working 5 to 6 days straight! That is 24 hour shifts. Hired a part timer but he did not last. And No one was a licensed paramedic! I am glad it is now being run so professional..... but my question is why now!

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    Anders (Tuesday, 27 September 2016 03:54)

    Time to uppdate this page ..?
    ##ANSON, Texas — The two sole EMS providers for the city of Anson quit, saying they were overworked and understaffed. They had been waiting for a new staff member to join them since April but no one was hired, KRBC reported.

    "We’re just emotionally drained," EMT Brittany Cox said.## ...