Preservation League Raising Funds for a New Roof

The Stamford Preservation League supports revitalization of Stamford’s historical sites by restoring properties and preserving the past. The League has sponsored different projects in Stamford such as the wrought iron fences added at the Post Office, the stars you see around the square, and the maintenance of the Johnson-Williamson Bed & Breakfast.

The Johnson-Williamson House, now known as the Preservation League House, was built in 1905 and was donated to the Preservation League around 1991. It underwent some restoration in 1993 and was restored to its present condition around the year 2007. The Johnson-Williamson House is one of the oldest standing antique buildings in this town. It was best remembered by its former deep pink color. The house was built for A.C. Johnson and his new wife, Emma Johnson. He was a pharmacist and she was a music major. They had one daughter, Mary Olivia Johnson, who married Buford Williamson; they had one son named Curtis Williamson. Curtis was the one that donated the house to the Preservation League in 1991. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, as well as Buford and Mary Williamson and their son, were the only people who ever lived in the house. When the house was donated, it had many different portions deteriorating such as the wood, doors, floors, and other household essentials. The Preservation League remodeled a good portion but kept many of its features such as the piano used by Mrs. Johnson herself to give piano lessons. They had electrical rewiring done, gas heaters and air conditioning installed, painted it a color more suited to the time it was built, and furnished it with the comforts of a home. The remodeling of the house was very costly, but it was very beneficial to its looks and has been an enjoyment to the citizens and visitors.

The Preservation League began operating the Johnson-Williamson House as a Bed and Breakfast. The house has many great qualities such as two accommodating bedrooms which are beautiful and comfortable. One of the bedrooms features the piano. There is a kitchen with all the utensils needed, a small, but cozy, living room, and the bathroom is nice with a claw-foot tub. The walls are beyond beautiful. They are painted with fences, trees, and many different figures hidden within the pictures. The house definitely looks antique even though most of the items in it have been donated by the people or bought by the League. The entire house can be rented for $100 per night. 

The League has many great ideas and visions for the nice things Stamford can have but as we all know, money plays a very big part. The Stamford Preservation League will be selling BBQ sandwiches this Saturday, December 5th, at the League House from 5:00 to 7:00 to raise money for a new roof. You can eat on the lawn or drive by for take-out. Meals are $7.00 and donations are appreciated.

Stamford is a great town with good people and the Preservation League is just one organization trying to help Stamford look better. Anyone interested in the revitalization of Stamford may become a member of the League. Membership and/or contributions can be mailed to the Stamford Preservation League, PO Box 842, Stamford 79553. The League appreciates your support.


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