Hawley Elementary Turkey Trot

Congratulations to all the Turkey Trot participants at Hawley Elementary. The students competed to earn a turkey for their family for Thanksgiving on November 23rd. The top 3 winners received prizes. All of the students did a fantastic job....we even had a few parents run with their students. Winners of the Turkey Trot are:

Pre-K: Derek Nieto and Kynslee Gouge


Girls: 1st Claire Seago 10:47 mile, 2nd Savannah Cooper, 3rd Sydney Newton

Boys: 1st Michael Winegeart 9:26 mile, 2nd Gage Wright, 3rd Kaiden Thomas

1st Grade:

Girls: 1st Olivia Womack 9:22 mile, 2nd Kortlynn West, 3rd Brodi Jordan

Boys: 1st Brycen Stofel 9:50, 2nd Camden Ables, 3rd Gabriel Ortega

​2nd Grade:

Girls: 1st Natalie Balch 10:16, 2nd Ravin Wright, 3rd Eternity Gonzales

Boys: 1st Cayden Newman 9:26, 2nd Jesse Nieto, 3rd Luke Gardner

​3rd Grade:

Girls: 1st Jacelynn Unger 7:52​, 2nd Kylar Cory, 3rd Aubree Frazier

Boys: 1st Tate Scott 7:19, 2nd Kaleton Miller, 3rd Keagan Abiles

​4th Grade:

Girls: 1st Erika Cruz 7:11, 2nd Jaylynn Richardson, 3rd Shaylynn Bailey​

Boys: 1st Jacob Vinson 6:53, 2nd Gavin Olney, 3rd Westyn Balch

​5th Grade:

Girls: 1st Karrigan Parrott 8:01, 2nd Anastasia Rodela​, 3rd Britten Chastang

Boys: 1st Kason O'Shields 6:30 mile, 2nd Tristan Comer 6:49 mile, 3rd Will Scott 6:55 mile

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