Dads Serving It Up

Anson Tigers football boys enjoying breakfast cooked by their dads.
Anson Tigers football boys enjoying breakfast cooked by their dads.

By Teresa Barbian


For years, during football season, dads of the varsity football players have been getting up very early on game day. So just what have they been up to? They’ve been cooking in the kitchen at First Baptist Church. Entering the room full of hungry young men, their dads, and the coaches, I felt a bit intimidated because I was the only female there. But they are a great group of kids and adults. The spread looked good too. Eggs, biscuits, gravy, pork chops, tortillas, and juice, all cooked by the dads for the boys to enjoy. This day was special for another group of kids also. The JV players joined their varsity brothers for breakfast since they were all traveling to Brownwood to play against Christoval for their bi-district game on Thursday November 12, 2015.

Jimmy Stevens has been the organizer for a few years and since his son Michael is a senior, Jimmy is looking to hand the reigns over to someone else. When I asked who would be his successor, he pointed to Perry Thomson who gave a belly laugh to Jimmy’s suggestion.

There was a prayer then a short devotional by Matthew St. John while the boys gobbled their hearty breakfast. Then Coach Hagler rose to speak and fittingly told them, “Always be hungry to do great things.” I spoke to a few of the JV players and asked them how they felt about joining the varsity team, and Jackson McCurdy responded, “It’s pretty neat, pretty cool. You get to see what it’s like being on the varsity team.” According to Coach Brock, “We pull the JV players up to varsity as a reward for all their hard work. They practice with the varsity every week, they helped us get to the play-offs.”

Just being there I could tell these boys were hungry and not just for food. The quiet before the storm is how I would characterize the mood of the room. Even the ball boys were super excited but at a loss for words. Hats off to our dads for coming together to support the Tiger football boys. Ididn’t get a chance to taste the breakfast, but by looking at how the boys were eating it, I’m sure it was delicious.

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