Hawley City Hall Has New Security System

By Linda Miller


Living in the world today, there are so many insecurities. There have been a few questionable incidents that have had the City Council worried about the safety of our city employees, especially the City Secretary. Not everyone walking into City Hall is so happy with everything in our world. Yes, even in our small and secure town!! Also, there has been destruction of lighting on the City Hall for several months. Replacing or repairing is very expensive and worrisome.

The City Council is discussing and researching about security on the outside and inside of the building. They have been discussing and examining several different systems. Finally, afterwards, the City Council went with OSI to install the system. It has been completed and is set up to go forward.

As of this next week--maybe, by the time you read this article--the security for front door entrance will implemented. The front door will be locked at all times. There is a outside camera and voice monitor to the right of the door. Anyone that comes up to the front door to do business will need to ring the bell to get the secretary’s attention. She, then, will see you on the inside monitor. At that point, she will inquire who you are and what your business is. She can and will, if all is cleared, buzz you in to proceed with your business.

Yes, this will be disturbing to some, but it is in place to secure the safety of all 'City Hall" employees.

There are cameras on the outside walls for security also. These cameras are on and filming 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, so, yes, if anyone is damaging property, they will be on film. Yes, they will be prosecuted to the law! Also, there are cameras inside City Hall that will be on all the time also, so whether City Hall is open for business or closed, the cameras will be doing their jobs!

Our City Police have an office in the back of City Hall, and, sometimes, there are cuffed person/s that have been brought into their office, so for safety reasons, there was a solid door with a 'key pad' lock installed between City Hall and Police Department. Our City Police will close this door immediately when they enter the Police Department door, so to insure security for everyone in the front office.

Someone might ask what was the cost of this project, but when the cost of replacing or repairing the lighting on the building and safety of all concerned, the cost is cheap!! At this point, the City Council feel very confident that this money was spent wisely and timely.

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