A Stylish Homecoming: Lauren Ivy Opens Southern Charm Salon

By Will McClure


Over the years, many Stamford Alumni have gone on to do what they love. Some even get to pursue their dream that they have had since walking through the hallways of Stamford ISD, but there are few that get to pursue that dream right in their hometown. For Lauren Ivy, that dream became a reality last June when she was able to open Southern Charm, a beauty salon that has already seen great success in its short existence with both male and female clients. A member of the Class of 2007, Ivy graduated from SHS and moved to College Station to go to school at Blinn Junior College. After one year, Ivy decided to devote herself to pursue her passion of becoming a hairdresser.

"I've always wanted to be a hairdresser," Ivy said. "I went to college for a year to sketch out other options and make sure that there was no other options just to make sure that's what I wanted to do." After leaving college to pursue her passion, Ivy returned home and married her husband, Wade, in 2009 before moving with him to Burnett for one year and beginning her career at a salon in Marble Falls. The Ivys soon moved back to Abilene where Lauren has spent the last five and a half years at the Oak Creek Salon, where she still works on Mondays. Ivy said that she continues to travel to Abilene because of the loyalty she has to her clients there that has been with her throughout her time in Abilene.

It was also during the years in Abilene when the Ivys welcomed their two children, William in November 2011 and Emmett in May 2014. It wasn't until last June when Lauren decided to finally open her own hair salon, something she had been wanting to do for years. The Ivys were able to move back to Stamford and rent a house that they are eventually going to buy from the owners, thus allowing Lauren the opportunity to open her salon in her hometown. While Wade still travels to Sweetwater for work, Lauren is able to devote her time to building her business. Ivy said that she could not have been able to get this far without the help and support of those around her.

"I looked up to Robin Nauert my entire life and I would not have been able to do this, especially not to this [level] and way higher than any of my expectations, also thanks to Gary Decker. He answered all of my prayers. And thanks to my parents [Todd and Tammy McLemore], half of my furniture, my parents made. They are [also] making me a metal sign to go outside," Ivy said.

Since opening her doors, Ivy has had great business in the short time she has been open, already attracting new and returning clients, both male and female. She said that she offers all services with hair, including what she calls a "blow dry bar" where clients can fill out a brief checklist of services such as conditioning treatments, "up-do and blow-out" and a standard "blow-out." Clients can then choose the texture, condition and volume of their hair type and the style they want. Ivy said that this service is big in cities, but would be a nice addition to the services that she offers, which also includes manicures. Ivy also said that she will eventually add a new station that will be just for men and help welcome them into the salon. Ivy revealed that the amount of clients that she has right now is equivalent to the amount she had in Abilene after her first one and half to two years, showing how the citizens have welcomed her home. In addition to her busy schedule at both salons, Ivy also said that she, along with Jamie Jordan, is also training to be a yoga instructor. She will complete the training in May and can begin teaching classes next summer.

Even with her busy schedule, Lauren Ivy is glad to be able to return home and open up the business that she has been dreaming of for years. She says that Stamford has been wonderful to her as her business begins to grow. She is really thankful for the people of Stamford in welcoming her and her family home. Her salon is always open for anyone every Tuesday through Friday from 9 to 5. Those that wish to, can also contact her at 325-280-2368 to set up an appointment. Lauren Ivy is glad to once again become a part of the Stamford community. Welcome home and good luck!

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