Tractor Supply Officially Opens Its Doors: Grand Opening Set for November 7

By Will McClure


Ever since Walmart opened in its new location, many have speculated as to what business, or businesses, would move into the building at 1600 North Swenson. Stamford residents were excited to learn that Tractor Supply would open its 171st Texas location in Stamford, with construction beginning on August 10. After nearly two months of work, Stamford's Tractor Supply was able to finally open its doors last Saturday with its official grand opening set for this Saturday, November 7, where customers can enter drawings for prizes and even receive a free hat.

The new store will cover approximately 20,331 square feet, including the sales floor and support service space, along with a fenced exterior space that will be used for storage and displaying items such as fencing, sprayers and livestock equipment. The new store will employ between 12-17 full- and part-time employees, led by store manager Daniel Whitworth.

"Tractor Supply looks forward to being a member of the Stamford community," District Manager Karleen Henry said. "Stamford is a great fit for Tractor Supply due to the horse owners and part-time and hobby farmers in the area. Many of our new customers are pleasantly surprised by our unique mix of product offerings, which in addition to farm products and hardware, also includes pet food and supplies and clothing items for the entire family."

The Stamford store is now one of the over 1400 stores operating in 49 states under the Tractor Supply name. Founded in 1938 by Charles E. Schmidt, Jr., Tractor Supply began as a mail-order catalog business offering tractor parts to America's family farmers. A year later, it turned into a successful retail store in Miniot, North Dakota.  Since then, Tractor Supply has grown to have annual revenues of $5.7 billion. Primarily operating in towns outlining major metropolitan markets and rural communities, Tractor Supply will be able to mesh well with the Stamford community. While the company is focused primarily for what they call a "niche market," Tractor Supply offers everything a customer will need to maintain their farms, ranches, homes and animals.

"As a growth minded company, Tractor Supply Company is always looking for potential new store locations that are a good fit as far as the target market is concerned," Media Relations Contact Rob Hoskins said. "Tractor Supply Company is excited about being a new member of the Stamford, TX business community."

As Tractor Supply nears its opening this Saturday, it is clear that they will be able to find a good home within Stamford. By embodying their mission of valuing honesty, integrity, mutual respect and teamwork among its team members, Tractor Supply is sure to fit in with the good people of Stamford as the years go by. The store will surely continue to offer great service and items that will fit the needs of each customer that walks in their doors. As they officially welcome Stamford consumers this Saturday, let us all give them a proper Stamford welcome as they become a part of the Stamford community and tradition.    

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