COURTsync To Recover Funds For County

The Jones County Commissioner’s Court met on September 28, 2015 for their regularly scheduled meeting. Minutes from the court’s last meeting was approved. Judge Dale Spurgin began the meeting by opening a public hearing on the 2016 Budget. No one was present to speak on the matter. He ended the hearing and began discussion on items on the agenda.

Justice of the Peace Cheryl Guernsey and representative Anna Fucik of COPsync discussed implementing a system that would help recover fees from those having Class C warrants. The Justice of the Peace’s office would be linked to COURTsync a division of the COPsync system. Initially cost for the county to add this system was $6,500 but with a grant of $3,500 the county received the cost cut in half. The COURTsync system would increase money for the community.

With the new system in place, individuals owing money to the court would have the option to pay when they are stopped with a debit or credit card. Around 600 agencies across Texas have already set up the program in their counties. Approval was given to set up the new system for the Justice of the Peace’s office. and Judge Spurgin stated that he would also talk to the Sherriff’s Department and see if they would like to begin the program.

The court approved a bid from Donald Mays for the purchase of Lot 10, Block 59 of the original town of Stamford in the amount of $200 with waived court costs. William Lance Walker placed bids on five pieces of property located in Stamford and those bids were approved with waived court costs.

John Cook of the Jones Juvenile Probation Office asked the court to approve contracts and agreements for residential placement between the county and Floyd County and Grayson County. He also asked the court to approve a contract and agreement placement between the county and Garza County. All contracts and agreements for the Jones County Juvenile Probation Office were approved.

The court then approved donating or selling old election equipment to Nolan County. Judge Spurgin told the commissioners that there were surplus items that the county would need to advertise for sale. Approval was given to advertise those items.

After some discussion the court approved setting aside $1000 to help with matching funds for the Texans Feeding Texans Grant, judges and alternate judges for the November 3, 2015 election and a donation by Mitch Hall for road materials for C.R. 376. Judge Spurgin stated that the FEMA representative assessing the county had gone home, and they were waiting on corrections to be made in some of the paperwork and a submission should be made to FEMA soon. He said that the process might take an extended period of time. Spurgin said that work being done that was covered by FEMA might need to stop and attention be given to the roads covered by the County Infrastructure Grant until some progress had been made. He reminded the commissioners to make sure they had all documentation from the contractors that had been hired to help on the FEMA roads and also that if amendments needed to be made to the County’s Infrastructure Grant to let him know and he would get those submitted. Once the submissions were done work can begin on those roads.

Spurgin then polled the commissioners on the vote for the adoption of the 2016 Budget. All commissioners approved the 2016 Budget. Sprugin then polled the court for the 2015 tax rate. All commissioners except for Commissioner LeFevre approved the tax rate for 2015. The poll to ratify the 2015 tax rate increase was then done. All Commissioners but LeFevre voted for the increase. The tax rate imposed would be 0.661368 which is an increase of 2.75.

Approval was given to appoint a salary and compensation committee. The committee would meet monthly and review the positions of elected officials and employees.

The court approved that costs for dispatch services would be shared by entities in Jones County. Hamlin Chief of Police Bobby Evans was at the meeting. He told the court that Hamlin has no issue with the services. Hamlin has its own dispatch service, and it is working well for them.

Amber Thompson then gave the treasurer’s report. The county’s bank balance was $5,092,742.95 with outstanding checks of $113,470.24 leaving a ledger balance of $4,979,272.71. The treasurer’s report was approved with budget amendments, line item transfers and paying of the bills. The meeting was then adjourned.


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