Meet the Kruckners- Get to Know Stamford’s New Doctor and Family

Before too long you may start to notice a few new faces around Stamford. Dr. Doug Kruckner, MD, has joined the medical staff at Stamford Healthcare System and will begin seeing patients at the clinic during the week of October 19th. Dr. Kruckner and his wife, Krystal, will be moving to Stamford from Julesburg, Colorado with their two young sons, Simon, 10, and Javan, 9. The boys are very excited about attending Oliver Elementary School. The Kruckners also have an older son, Levi, 20, who lives in Colorado.

On a recent visit to Stamford, the Kruckners took some time to answer a few questions to help you get to know them a little better.

Tell us a little about yourself and where you grew up.

 Dr. Kruckner: I grew up in Gibbsboro, New Jersey which is a very old town for Jersey standards. It had a small town atmosphere but was sandwiched between larger and richer towns. I lived about a mile from the school and rode my bicycle to school every day until 5th grade when I started playing the saxophone and that became difficult.

Krystal: I was raised in Azle, Texas where my parents still live in the same house I grew up in. I was a typical Texas girl. I had a horse, rode bicycles, played softball and volleyball. I still enjoy riding horses as an adult.

Tell us a little bit about your family.

Krystal: We are a loving family that puts God first in our lives. We try to give our kids a well-rounded upbringing. We like to go on vacations where we can have fun and maybe learn something too.

What are some of your interests and hobbies?

Dr. Kruckner: I like to spend time with my boys riding skateboards or playing in the park. I enjoy going on hikes and searching for fossils, petrified wood and Indian arrowheads and artifacts.

Krystal: We like to spend time together as a family. I like to ride horses and take care of our goats and pigs. I have worked in the medical field in the past and I am currently working on my Doctor of Natural Medicine and hope to finish in the next year and a half.

Tell us a little bit about the town where you have been living.

Dr. Kruckner: It is a small rural town of 1500 people in northern Colorado. The landscape is similar to Stamford with a lot of corn and wheat fields. We enjoyed living in the small town atmosphere but wanted to move closer to family and friends. I feel I did a lot of good work for my patients but after a lot of praying we felt as a family that God was making it clear that Texas was where we needed to be.

You visited several other towns before deciding on Stamford. Why did you choose Stamford?

Dr. Kruckner: The first thing that impressed me about Stamford is that the hospital logo made a cross out of the T. From that point onward I think I enjoyed the people of the town the most. The other towns that we looked at for employment had some good qualities but Stamford stood out to both my wife and myself. Every time we came to visit we felt more and more like this is the place where we want to raise our kids.

Krystal: For me it was the proximity of Fort Worth. I wanted to move back to Texas ever since we moved to Colorado. I knew that I had to wait till my husband was ready as well. I really liked Stamford from the first moment we visited. Everyone was so friendly and accommodating. I really felt a weight off my shoulders when we decided this would be our home. Every time we come to visit we don't want to go back to Colorado and we can’t wait to move here.

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