Homecoming 2015: A Weekend to Remember 

By Will McClure


Last weekend was a busy time for Stamford as the SHS alumni returned home for a weekend of memories and new experiences that will last a lifetime. The weekend officially kicked off with the annual pinning ceremony pep rally Friday morning, a ceremony with a rich history for Stamford dating back to the early 1950s. As read by Athletic Director and Head Coach Ronnie Casey, the pinning ceremony was devised by Kathryn Wood, the wife of Coach Gordon Wood, who based the ceremony on a story about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The legend states that King Arthur would call his knights together for a special ceremony in which all of his warriors would have his individual colors, in the form of ribbons, tied atop his helmet. These ribbons would be attached by the knight’s grandmother, mother, wife or loved one. In return, the female would receive the same colors to hold until the knight would return home. In doing so, it was said that the wearing of the colors would bring victory and ward off evil spirits. This legend lives on today as the 2015 Varsity team, along with their loved ones, would exchange ribbons in the ceremony that has become an annual tradition. The players then signed a banner on the high school gym’s wall, a banner that would return later that night.

The Homecoming game against Hamlin proved to be a tough test for the mighty Bulldogs, but the Bulldogs would be able to hold back the Pied Pipers for a 20-0 victory, going 5-0 into the break before returning for district play. However, the night was not all about football as Stamford High School crowned their 2015 Homecoming Queen. Jasalynn Applin was crowned Homecoming Queen. She will carry the title and will help crown next year’s Queen during Homecoming 2016. After a heartwarming end to halftime, the Bulldogs returned to the field to quickly end the game and bring victory to Stamford. However, Homecoming would not end on Friday night as more activities would resume the following morning.

The Stamford Chamber of Commerce held its annual Downtown Dog Days on the square Saturday morning, offering residents and alumni the opportunity to shop on the square, enjoy good music and eat some good food until 2 pm. Children were also able to obtain some sidewalk chalk and create their own works of art right on the town square. While Dog Days was entertaining alumni on the square, the Stamford Ex-Students Association presented a luncheon of brisket, beans, potato salad and a dessert while guest speakers Coach Keith Munnerlyn and former congressman Charles Stenholm shared stories of life in Stamford that brought laughter, tears and applause from the alumni in attendance. Coach Munnerlyn said in his speech that although he graduated from Ranger High School, he has and always will call Stamford his home ever since he first arrived in 1958, the same year his youngest daughter Vicky was born with the delivery performed by longtime Stamford doctor Dr. Selmon. Coach Munnerlyn was even recognized for all of his hard work and dedication to Stamford in his nine years of teaching and coaching by being the recipient of a special award in his honor.

All in all, Homecoming 2015 was a weekend to remember. From honoring the past, cheering on the present and looking forward to the future, Homecoming has been a long standing tradition in Stamford that is sure to last until the end of time. While Homecoming 2015 has now moved into the history books, here is to what Homecoming 2016 will bring to Stamford next year.

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