Fire Doesn’t Hinders Anson EMS To Serve Area

Daily Emergency Medical personnel save lives across the state. No matter the situation, they're there to provide necessary medical care. Without having access to EMS services it is very apparent that many lives could and would be lost. Recently the City of Anson EMS has experienced their own loss. Due to a fire on September 15, 2015 shortly after 7:00 p.m., the Anson EMS lost their home. The fire damaged their second ambulance and destroyed much of their building that housed their supplies and that was used as living quarters while they were on call. The fire did cause an extensive amount of damage but it has not kept Anson EMS from serving the citizens of the community. Presently other EMS divisions are offering help with supplies and other items needed. Personnel from Anson EMS are going through the damaged ambulance to see what supplies can be salvaged and what must be thrown away. They are also compiling an inventory of what is needed. The ambulance damaged in the fire can be repaired but the process will be a lengthy one. Though Anson EMS now has only one ambulance available for calls, they are still operational. The City of Anson and Anson General Hospital are working together to see how they can assist the EMS service. City Manager Sonny Campbell stated, “We are doing what we can to get help them but it will take a little time to get things taken care of.” The Anson EMS has been relocated to a different building but they are “STILL A CREW, STILL TAKING CALLS and STILL A FAMILY despite their loss. If you are interested in helping Anson EMS, please contact the City of Anson or Anson EMS personnel. 

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