Boldly We Stand

By Debbie Heald

Fourteen years have passed since 2,977 Americans tragically lost their lives on September 11 in a devastating event that was intended to break down America and leave its spirit in ruins.  The attack on Americans that day did not shatter the country’s pride as hoped, it united citizens and showed the world that America would withstand adversity and overcome to emerge stronger than before.  Citizens did not cower in fear, they remained steadfast to show their pride and honored those who had fallen to the senseless aggression of the country’s enemies.  This day will live in the minds of Americans as a reminder of the innocent lives lost and of the ordinary citizens and emergency personnel who put their lives in danger to help their fellow man.  Patriotism in its truest form emerged through the cloud of dust as people from near and far offered their help and support to those affected.  America has changed since September 11; that is apparent but one thing that will forever remain constant is the pride Americans have in their country. America will stand strong in the face of its enemies and will unite to protect the land that they call home. 

Shara Jones and Gerald Jones from Caffey/Farnsworth VFW Post 8929 spoke to Anson Middle School students in honor of Patriot Day and the National Day of Service on September 11 to remember those who lost their lives and honor those who have made and will continue to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  

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