The Next Step

Growing up in a small West Texas town everyone has big dreams about who they want to become and what they want to achieve coming out of high school. Those dreams change once high school is completed and the next step is taken. Continuing one’s education or entering into the work field is a choice not easily made. Luke Torres grew up in Anson. His parents were Salvador and Mercy Torres. Luke’s father, Salvador Torres, was a very respected doctor in Anson, and Mercy, his mother, was very involved in various organizations to help unite the community. Both of his parents had huge hearts and a desire to help people. They went above and beyond to do all they could to give back to the community in which they lived. Growing up, Luke and his brothers and sisters learned what it was like to be part of a tight knit community. They built relationships with friends, teachers and citizens of the community that remained strong after they left to pursue their careers and education. Their parents gave them the tools to become whatever they desired and supported them in all their endeavors.

Luke graduated high school in 1986 and attended Angelo State University. He thought he wanted to play football and become a doctor but he soon found out that this just wasn’t for him. Luke attended two semesters at Angelo then decided it was time to pursue other avenues. Luke wasn’t sure what he wanted to do but he knew he had to ask God for help. After he had a long talk with God, Luke had a dream he was an entertainer. Luke knew after that dream that an entertainer was what God was calling him to do. Luke moved to Ft. Worth where he did standup comedy. He wanted more education in public speaking so he attended Tech to help him with his skills. Luke then wanted to move to Los Angeles to better his chances in the entertainment field. He told his parents about his decision and his dad said, “Go for it dude!” He moved in with his grandmother in L.A. and got his first job working in a grocery store.

Luke would go to the Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard where world famous comics Richard Pryor and David Letterman began their careers as standup comics. The Comedy Store owned by Mitzy Shore, Pauly Shore’s mother was the place where Luke developed his “chops”. He shared the stage with many famous comedians. The Comedy Store was where people of the entertainment industry would go to find new talent. There they had a more diversified roster of entertainers to fit the rolls needed.

While in L.A. he was a guest performer on In Living Color, had a role in Space Jam, performed for Comedy Central and did several independent films as well as performed at various comedy clubs and shows.

Luke met his wife Mary while in L.A.. She has been a home care provider for 15 years. The couple has been married for 12 years and has 5 children. Luke loved entertaining in L.A. but something was drawing him back to his home town. With the ups and downs of the entertainment field, it was hard for Luke to balance his career with his family life. He wanted to be a part of everything his children did and have time for his family, but life as an entertainer meant late nights, long hours, time away from home and an income that fluctuated. Once again Luke decided it was time to take a huge step and move back to Anson. He made the move and his family soon followed. For his family the move to a small community has given them a better opportunity to have a better life. One may wonder why he decided to come home; well the answer is quite simple. It was to get back to his roots, to give back to those who made him into the man he had become and to share his talent with those around him. It wasn’t about the money he could make or the fame he might receive, it was about the people. It was about the community that he was raised in and the life he wanted to give his family. Luke saw potential in the place in which he grew up. His dream was one that has carried on from his parents into him. That dream was giving back to others whether it is through talent as an entertainer or doing what he could to better the community as did his parents.

Luke will be performing at the Anson Opera House on August 22 as “Elvis” at 7:30. Tickets are $8 for adults and $5 for children. Come out and support your community and have a great entertaining evening. Part of the proceeds of tickets sales and merchandise will go back to the Opera House in honor of Luke’s parents, Sal and Mercy.

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