Softball Lighting Project To Begin Soon 

Anson ISD Board of Trustees met for their regular scheduled meeting on Monday, August 10, 2015 at 6:00 in the board room of the Administration Building. The meeting was called to order and Don Heller gave the opening prayer. No one was present to speak during open forum. The board approved previous meetings and student transfers for 2015-2016 for the consent agenda. Superintendent Baccus went over the bills and finance report with the board. Discussion was had over a $10,000 bill on the report. The bill was for a plumber that came to pressure test the lines for the district. Line testing is required every two years. Baccus said that the district should end up better than anticipated financially. He stated that the $200,000 incurred in repairs to the track had not been paid out and would roll over into the new year’s budget. The 2015-2016 Preliminary Budget was then discussed. Baccus said that it would be difficult to have a balanced budget due to underpayment from the state. He said that the preliminary budget was still being worked on but there was not much room to make changes. With factors as the state underpaying the district and the small school penalty it was difficult to know for sure how the budget would need to be compiled to make necessary changes to fit the new year to come. Baccus said that unfortunately the only way to balance the budget was to take away from staff. He said that legislature would have to handle the matter of funding but letting go of staff was something he felt would not be good for the district.

The board next heard from Athletic Director Chris Hagler. Hagler said that the summer had been very busy for the girls and boys. He said that Coach Todd Lange had done a great job with the girls program. Lange had taken the girls to tournaments in the summer, and the girls program was growing in numbers. He told the board that he felt that their hire of David Hagler was a good decision and that he would be an asset to the program. Hagler said the boys had lots of success in the summer with the tournaments they entered and camps they attended. He said that the kids bonded and so did the staff. The kids were working hard. Hagler said that his coaches had 115 years of experience combined and that they were good men of character. He was proud of the program. He stated that the first scrimmage with Colorado City would a good test for the Tigers. 

There were no principal reports given. The board set August 24, 2015 at 6:00 as the meeting date to adopt the 2015-2016 Budget and Tax Rate. An agreement was approved for Concurrent Enrollment Classes with Western Texas College. The board then approved a minimum salary schedule of $9.35 for cafeteria workers.

Quotes for the softball lighting were discussed. Five companies had submitted quotes for the project. The board approved using the Kiker Group’s quote in the amount of $91,054. The district had received a donation of $40,000 from Mitch Hall to go towards the lights project and the district would add the money for the remaining amount. Work is in progress at the track and on the drainage issue at the football field. Raydon is doing touch ups on the asphalt at the track. Fisher will soon begin the top layer of the track. The track has to cure for approximately 3 weeks before the top layer can be added. Baccus said the red track will look sharp against the green football field. He stated that the concrete had been poured for the new drains at the football field and that work should be completed soon. Baccus said that no action would be taken on the fuel station.

There was no executive session for this meeting of the board. The board accepted the resignation of Ricky Villanueva and Kasie Kidd. They approved the employment of Amiee Baker as a 1st Grade teacher and Elizabeth Clifton to teach Science and Social Studies for 4th Grade. Both were hired on a 10 month probationary contract at the appropriate pay scale for 2015-2016. Baccus also asked the board for approval to hire a part time cafeteria worker on the appropriate pay scale as an at-will employee. The board approved the hire of a new part time cafeteria employee. At 6:55 the meeting was adjourned.

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