School Board Discusses Changes for the Upcoming School Year

By Will McClure


The Stamford ISD School Board met for their August session last Monday, August 10 to discuss issues that need to be addressed and approve proposals and changes for the 2015-2016 school year. Dr. Shaun Barnett also presented the performance report for the district from the Texas Education Agency as well as presented information that will be discussed further during the discussion of finances at a later meeting.

The board began with looking at Stamford ISD’s performance report, with the entire district meeting standard across all areas, with Stamford Middle School receiving six distinctions which included Reading/ELA, Science, Social Studies, Student Progress, Closing Performance Gaps and Postsecondary Readiness. Overall, the district did very well on academic performance, which brings optimism for the new year.

Dr. Barnett also mentioned potential upcoming expenses, informing the board that the fieldhouse roof is leaking. While the roof will not be replaced for now, there has been a bid to seal the roof to stop the leaks, but no action has been taken as of yet. Barnett also mentioned that the cafeteria has a big leak on the outset part with the coolers as well as a leak at the middle school where there is a point of contention with the roofing company. Barnett reported that the leak at the cafeteria will be addressed once the new budget has been approved and that the roofing company will inspect the leak at the middle school more closely to resolve that issue. Other than the leaking issues, Barnett also reported that new teachers to the district would report for duty on Thursday with all teachers reporting on the following Monday, August 17.

The board then moved on to new business which consisted of new items for the 2015-2016 school year. The board proposed to keep the proposed maintenance and operating and interest and sinking tax rates the same as last year, which is currently set at $1.17 and $.31. They approved the proposal and will make a final decision on the tax rate during the special session on August 31. The board also approved a minor change to the student code of conduct before moving onto approving the appraisal calendar and appraisers for 2015-2016. The teacher appraisals will take place during the last two weeks of the fall semester and two weeks of the spring, with the appraisers set as Dr. Shaun Barnett, High School Principal Casey Stone, Middle School Principal Kevin White, Oliver Principal Greg London and Assistant Principal Jeremy West.

The board also ordered a school trustees election set for November 3, with Leigh Nauert and Curtis Birdsong up for election. Anyone wishing to file to be on the ballot will need to do so by August 24 at the Stamford ISD Administration Office.

The final order of business was to discuss the property bids owned by the school, with three properties due to be sold at 813 N. McMillan, 202 W. Handlan and 214 E. Hamilton. The board can accept bids on these properties at this time. With no further new business, the board entered into a brief executive session to end the evening. The tentative dates for the next meetings will be a special session on August 31, followed by a regular meeting on September 14.    

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