Hawley Has New Street Signs

All anyone needs to do is drive through the city of Hawley, and they will see all new street signs with the number of the block of that street, along with replacing faded/damaged 'Stop" signs. We have had the street signs to show the name of the street but it was very hard to distinguish the block number since several "mapped" streets have not be opened. With these new signs, all emergency vehicles, like ambulances, fire trucks, EMS, and police, will be able to locate the address much faster, which will be lifesaving.

Now, there is a slight problem with address numbers on each house, dwelling, or business in the city. There is an ordinance, passed and approved by the Hawley City Council as of June 9, 1987, that requires each house, dwelling, or business to display the number, clearly, on the outside of the "street" side. If anyone is not aware of their designated number, the City Hall can help with this information.

In the interest of Public Welfare and Public Safety, the City of Hawley requires all street addresses to be displayed in clear view. So, if you do not have this done, please, get this done as soon as possible, so if any emergency arises, finding you will be so much easier. 

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