Hawley City Council Holds August Meeting

The Hawley City Council met at the Hawley ISD Administration building on Tuesday, August 11th. Many citizens were in attendance for the meeting, but no presentation was made by the public after Mayor Billy Richardson announced that the petition for Alcohol sales in the city of Hawley had been pulled from the agenda and from consideration of the November Ballot.

The council also voted to not raise taxes, but keep it at the effective tax rate since the city had been making good use of the funds and they felt there was no reason to raise them. 

The council tabled an agenda item to discuss and take action on Joe Woodard on 1st street and Ave E on construction of concrete curbing.
The council approved the purchase of a 36 x 36 aluminum sign to place a sign at City Hall that would cost $34.45.
Hawley Police Chief David George said that the police department was no longer using a Shell Card and are now using a WEXFleet card, which can be used at any station. George said the police department had 3 cards with each patrol vehicle having its own card. It takes in mileage and gives a report at the end of the month of each car's usage. The council made a motion to cancel the Shell card.

Since the Hawley EDC  didn’t have a quorum for the last meeting, there are no minutes to approve. 

The city secretary reported business as usual for the month at City Hall.

 Mayor Billy Richardson said the city had gotten a motor grader and just had to pay for the operator. He stated that they did the best they could with a dry street. They also had Jerry Faulks come in and patch a few places on the street.

He asked if anyone needed patches to let them know. Before the meeting adjourned Mayor Billy Richardson addressed the alcohol issue saying that citizens needed to go look into liquor elections and go on the Secretary of State website and learn everything that happens. He said that he knew that there are a lot of people for and a lot against, but if everything is done correctly it is against the law for them not to put the issue on the agenda at the meetings. He also urged citizens to come to council meetings. 

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