Growing the Tradition: Coach Thomas King Joins the Bulldog Coaching Staff

By Will McClure


As the Stamford Bulldogs began two-a-days for the new season, they found a couple of new faces among the coaching staff. One of these is Thomas King, an eight-year coaching veteran that has made his way to Stamford over the summer break. King, a native of Crane, Texas, arrived at Stamford from Eldorado where he served as a Varsity linebacker coach, head Powerlifting coach in his last year and was an eighth grade History teacher. Now, Coach King is ready to move forward with the next chapter of his career as he began with the Bulldogs during two-a-days. Even with the hot summer sun beating down, King had a positive attitude and hopeful expectations for the season ahead.

A graduate of the University of Texas in the Permian Basin, King has spent his entire career in Eldorado before making the move to Stamford. Before receiving his degree in History with a minor in Political Science, King served three years in the United States Army before moving back home to Odessa for school at Odessa College for two years before finishing his education at UTPB. After receiving his degree, King began coaching and teaching in 2008 and coached football, basketball and baseball during his time in Eldorado, including being the head Powerlifting coach during his final year, where two athletes placed fourth at the State championship. It was during this time at Eldorado where he first met Athletic Director Ronnie Casey before Casey made the move to Stamford himself. While they previously coached against each other, King knew Casey through a family friend in Crane, having known each other since 2001.

“We coached against each other when he was in Menard,” King said. “That’s one of the reasons I came [to Stamford] because I have a lot of respect for him. I know what kind of a man he is.” Upon arriving in Stamford, King quickly found himself immersed in the Bulldog program, stating that he was amazed by how the coaching staff gets along and was very impressed with the kids’ behavior and respect towards authority. He also stated that he was impressed with the work ethic that the players show, noting that he did not have to continually tell them to do something and they have a lot of initiative to get the job done.

When making the decision to move to Stamford, Coach King stated that he wanted to become a part of the Stamford tradition, both in the classroom and in athletics, along with the respect that he has for the Bulldog coaching staff. In addition to becoming a part of the Bulldog program, King will also serve as the Physical Education coach for Oliver, taking over for Coach Shawn Speck who will move to be the fourth grade math teacher. When asked about his role at Oliver, King said that he was excited to be a part of the family and working with the kids at Oliver.

As the football season draws nearer, Coach King has been hard at work, working with Coach Hernandez with the linebackers as well as coaching the seventh and eighth grade football teams, teaching them the same things that are being taught to the varsity. When asked about his role within the coaching staff, King said “I’ve just been trying to help wherever I can and trying to keep [the players] energized, keep them motivated and learn myself and learn from the coaches here.”

Discussing the upcoming season, Coach King said he was looking forward to a higher level of intensity and that they will take the season game by game, noting how every game is exciting. Coach Thomas King, along with his wife of three years Ashley, are happy to become a part of the Stamford community.

“I want to thank everybody for being so friendly towards us,” King said. “My wife and I have never felt more welcome anywhere. Whether it was getting a house or getting a job, whatever, everyone was trying to help us, which you don’t find everywhere.  I’ve never seen a more friendly community.” Welcome to Stamford, Coach King, and good luck this season!


Thanks for reading and make sure to come back next week to meet Coach Jason Gorman, also new to the Bulldog staff!

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