Council Approves TAN for Hospital

by Callie Metler-Smith


The Anson City Council met in regular session at the Anson Public Library on Monday, August 10th. At the meeting, the City Council approved an ordinance to issue a Tax Anticipation Note (TAN). This note acts as a payment in advance of Tax that anticipated to be paid to the City of Anson. The City has set up this bond, that will mature in March of 2016 to help the Hospital in case they need cash flow. The hospital will be paying the $12,000 to set up the note, and also the interest of 2.9% that will need to be paid on the note. City Manager Sonny Campbell reported that the hospital saw a 39% increase in cash flow over the past month and they were being very diligent with accounts payable and accounts receivable. To complete the TAN, the city will have to read the ordinance at two meetings, and publish it in the local paper twice.

 Under the next agenda item the council discussed the amending of the zoning ordinance that allows for the regulation and distance of alcohol sales within the city. Campbell explained that with no zoning ordinance then alcohol can be sold anywhere in town. The state statute prohibits sales within 300 ft. of schools and churches and within residential areas. Right now Allsup's and Cashsavers are not able to sale alcohol due to these restrictions. If the school board requests it,  they can make the distance 1,000 ft. from the school. Council Member Pete Klein expressed that he felt there needed to be no restrictions so that it would optimize as much tax revenue as possible. Other council members expressed concern that if it was restricted then Allsup's would probably move and that would leave an empty shell in a place of prominence. Council member Larry White said he felt there should be distance because it would regulate it. The point was made that 300 ft was far enough. Councilwoman Evelyn Edwards asked if the police department had any concerns, but the answer from the officer that was there stated that there had been no discussion on the matter.

Next the council approved the reauthorization of the local sales and use tax providing revenue for maintenance and repair of municipal streets. This is a ordinance that is renewed by the council every four years.

The council next discussed an RV that is parked at 1507 AVE K in violation of zoning ordinance. Councilman White stated he doesn’t feel that everyone knows what the ordinances are, and he feels like there needs to be some education for everyone about it. Councilman Klein said that if someone has a RV and stays in it anywhere that is in violation of the ordinance. 

Councilman Keith Gilbert said he felt that this was to stop man camps. They talked about putting in a 48 hours limit on them. They also said there are places in town where people are living in RVs that are grandfathered in, but if they should move them, then they would be in violation. The council elected to table the issue until the next meeting.

The council went into executive session for 30 minutes to discuss and take action of sale and acquisition of real property.

Next the council discussed and took action on bid of $1,352 by Jose Guadalupe Arguello and Marie-Jayne Arguello for the purchase of trust property known as the North one-half of Lot 11, Block 17, Original Town of Anson, Jones County, Texas, the court costs $1,352 and land assessed value is $5,870.  Campbell informed the council that the piece of property is on the demolition list. They rejected the bid so the lot could be cleaned up since the structure on the property was in poor condition.

The council also rejected a bid of $5,000 by Larry White and Linda White for the purchase of trust property at 1008 Commercial, Court costs $0 and land assessed value is $51,500.  Address is 1008 Commercial.    

The council did approve a bid of $1,405 by Carlos Lozano for the purchase of trust property known as Lots 5 and 6 and the south 10 feet of 4, all in Block 198, Johnson Addition to the Town of Anson, Jones County, Texas at 832 AVE H..  Court costs $1,087 and land assessed value is $13,120.

The city also approved the following City Holidays for 2016: New Year’s Day, January 1; Martin Luther King Day, January 18th; Presidents’ Day, February 15th; Good Friday, March 25th; Memorial Day, May 30th; Independence Day, July 4th; Labor Day, September 5th; Columbus Day, October 10th; Veterans Day, November 11th; Thanksgiving, November 24th and 25th; Christmas, December 23 and 26th.

In his City Manager's report Campbell reported that the meter company is going to start putting in meters this Tuesday. He also reported that the IDC asked council to approve resolution to provide insurance on the Anson Home Health building that was recently purchased by the IDC so they don’t have to change it. Chad wanted to make sure that if it was under their policy they were still going to pay on it. 

The next Anson City Council meeting is set for August 24th at 6:00pm.

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