City Sees Savings From New Meter System 

Over the next month to two months the City of Anson will be having non-working water meters replaced by Utiliuse. Utiliuse will start their installation of the new meters within the next 2 to 3 weeks. Though the project comes with a price tag of approximately $350,000 for the city, the city will save around 2 million dollars over the next 20 years with its implementation. There will be approximately 1045 meters replaced throughout the city. The meters that will be replaced have either not worked or have not given accurate readings. Loss of revenue for the city on these meters has been quite substantial. Software for the new meter system will be in place soon so not only will the city be seeing a savings monetarily they will also save time on billing and reading of the meters. Water customers may experience air in their lines and some dirt with the change out. Utiliuse will change out meters, flush the lines and read the meter leaving the customer with no charge for the service. With the new system being set up for the city, customers may see an increase in their first bill once meters are in and the software is in place. This increase is due to a change in water billing for the amount customers are using. Previously water customers in Anson were being billed according to every 1000 gallons they used. Now they will be billed for every 100 used. Though customers’ first bill will be a little higher City Manager Sonny Campbell said that it will take a few billing cycles to get all the kinks out and then customers’ bills should be a more accurate reflection of the amount of water they use on a monthly basis. 

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