Hope for Stamford Memorial Hospital

Employees at Stamford Memorial Hospital received hopeful news on Wednesday, August 5th during a called staff meeting. CEO Rick DeFoore announced to employees that though the hospital is facing financial difficulties, the doors will not be closing any time soon. The announcement came after a meeting with a group of consultants who are working with the hospital to develop a plan to help continue healthcare services for Stamford and surrounding areas.

DeFoore also announced that Dr. Doug Kruckner, M.D., has signed a contract and will begin practicing family medicine at Stamford Health Clinic in late October. Kruckner will be moving to Stamford from Julesburg, Colorado with his wife, Krystal, and sons, Simon and Javan. DeFoore also noted that Nurse Practitioner Jamie Benham is working with Dr. Leon Joplin and is accepting new patients.

“I’m much more optimistic today than I’ve been in the past few months,” said DeFoore.  “We have every reason to believe today, that with consulting help, Dr. Kruckner’s arrival soon and the support of the entire community, we can continue to have a full service, high quality hospital in Stamford.”

DeFoore went on to say, “We are not out of the woods yet. Every time a person from this area goes out of town for healthcare services which we could provide, the hospital and entire community of Stamford are weakened.  It takes more than just community support, but without that support, no other efforts will be successful in the long run.” 

DeFoore closed his remarks by saying, “In the last week, the community support for this hospital has been extremely positive and helpful. We are truly grateful for that support.  I am thankful for this community and all of you.  It is still a privilege to serve and I am optimistic about what the future holds for our hospital.”

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    Donna K Newell (Thursday, 06 August 2015 21:16)

    Stanford needs is hospital it's the most local treatment facility for anybody with a 15 mile radius. A dear friend was lost in the ambulance on the way to the hospital just a few days ago we need this hospitalthis hospital. Ever since they stop delivering babies at the hospital and the revenue has gone hey Helen and people are forced to go to Abilene or other locations that have their children.

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    Sonia Thomas Smith (Thursday, 03 September 2015 16:53)

    It is sad to hear about the financial hardships being faced by Stamford Memorial. I hope the consultants have a proven track record to save this valuable asset to our community. Many do not understand the need until they are in need of critical care.