Meet Doug Streckert: The New Administrator at Stamford Residence and Rehab

By Will McClure


With changes happening all of the time, Stamford Residence and Rehab is no different as they have welcomed Doug Streckert as their new administrator. A native of Brownwood, Streckert arrived in Stamford three weeks ago to take on the position and has been welcomed with open arms by the staff. A health care professional with a Master’s in Health Care Administration from Trinity University in San Antonio, Streckert was previously a hospital administrator until 1996, when his father developed Alzheimer’s. This prompted Streckert to begin working in long-term care where he has focused his career ever since. Now with the chance to return a little closer to home, Streckert took the opportunity to take over at the helm of Stamford Residence and Rehabilitation. Even in his third week, Streckert has been hard at work at Stamford Residence and Rehabilitation, but was able to spend some time discussing his life and his plans for the future.

Although not a native of Stamford, Streckert actually has a connection with the town through former Stamford head coach Gordon Wood. After Wood had won his first two state championships in Stamford, he moved to Brownwood where Streckert would be a part of the 1967 championship team under Coach Wood. Streckert was able to receive a scholarship to SMU in football. After graduating from SMU, Streckert returned to Brownwood to begin his career in health care, starting out by working in the business office at Brownwood’s hospital. After receiving his Master’s degree, Streckert returned to the hospital and eventually worked his way up to an administrative position in 1980, a role he has maintained ever since as he moved from one place to the next, at one point serving as administrator in two hospitals in Vancouver, Washington for five years. After moving back to Texas and after his father developed Alzheimer’s, Streckert moved into working in long-term care facilities, working in various facilities in Brownwood, San Angelo, Abilene and Fort Stockton. While performing interim work for a company, Streckert learned of the opportunity to take over as administrator for Stamford Residence and Rehabilitation.

“My boss now called me and said ‘we have a facility in Stamford, Texas.’ It’s closer to where I grew up and so I said ‘ok, I’ll come.’” Streckert said. Once arriving in Stamford at the facility, Streckert said that he noticed that the facility had a good staff that can give quality care to the residents, saying that the employees at Stamford Residence and Rehabilitation are the greatest assets for its success as far as healthcare is concerned. He also believes that as long as the residents are happy and feel like they are at home, then the facility can be a success. He also mentioned how the families of the residents need to have that same feeling that their family member is being taken care of.

“Families entrust in us to care for their family members when they come here. Their family member is our family member, too.” Streckert said. He also mentioned that the residents have the freedom to make their own decisions in the way they live at the facility, from when they receive their meals, what activities they participate in and even be given their privacy when they want it. Streckert said that they want residents to feel like they are living in their own home when they live at Stamford Residence and Rehabilitation.

When speaking about future plans, Streckert mentioned they are renovating the dementia unit and will hold an open house and ribbon cutting at a later date. Streckert said that the unit will be a secure unit where the residents will not have to be relocated to another facility as they are now. Streckert also said that he is working with dietary to help improve the flow of distribution of meals to the residents. He also hopes to work in a better way of recording resident information by putting in computer kiosks in the halls where the staff can immediately record information after seeing a resident. Though no actions are being done at this time, Streckert has seen how technology has advanced for healthcare and would like to take the next step forward as the times change. However, Streckert said that the quality of life of the residents in long-term care must always be at its highest while expecting the nursing to be at its best where if a resident needs help, they will receive it quickly.

With other plans on the horizon, it is clear that Doug Streckert has a plan for the future of Stamford Residence and Rehabilitation. He encourages anyone to come take a tour of the facility and see how the culture of long-term care is changing for the better. He says that he will be out meeting the people of Stamford as he becomes part of the community and even looks forward to sitting in the stands for a Bulldog football game. Streckert is happy to become a part of the Stamford community and we wish him the best of luck in his new post. Welcome to Stamford, Mr. Doug Streckert!

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