Hospital Makes Decisions In Hopes Of Saving Hospital

Anson General Hospital is trying to do all they can to continue to be a vital part of the city of Anson and surrounding communities. The hospital board held a special meeting on Monday, July 20, 2015 to discuss several matters that would make an impact on the hospital’s financial state. Billing for the hospital has been an ongoing task. With changes made in staffing in the business office, it has been more difficult to stay on top of billing, when billing staff has been reduced. The Board of Directors approved using PMAB,LLC (a MedA/Rx company) to help with accounts that are 45 days or older. This company would charge 6.5 percent of what is collected from outstanding bills and would be in addition to current billing that is currently in place. The hospital or the company could terminate the contract within 90 days if desired without breach of contract. Also approved was a reduction in the amount of money that the hospital spends on retirement. The hospital currently spends $7500 per month but would reduce the amount to $4550 per month. Retirement for those not vested will cease and those vested can continue their retirement or discontinue it. Several of the hospital employees that have remained at the hospital have already pulled out their retirement but there are many that are not fully vested at this time. Employees of the hospital contribute 4% of their annual salary. The retirement at the hospital will be on a partial freeze so that the financial state of the hospital can be evaluated before it proceeds with further liability on a daily basis.

The board discussed the petition that has been complied to get create an Anson Hospital Tax District. There are several signatures that have been collected on this matter, 150 signatures of registered voters must be collected to continue with the petition. The maximum tax they may be charged to the tax payers of the area which the district will be covered is no greater than 40 cents on each hundred. Once the petition is completed the Commissioner’s Court will appoint temporary directors of the district until directors can be elected. At this time Stamford and Hamlin pay 75 cents combined on tax. This matter will need further action before the petition can be turned it for action. The board discussed fundraisers that were also scheduled to help the hospital. On Saturday, July 18 there was a bake sale fundraiser that brought in $700 for the hospital. The Anson City Pool will also be having a Swim Meet on August 8, 2015 to benefit the hospital. There are also various other events planned to help with funds to keep the hospital up and running. Donations have come from the community to also lend a hand. The hospital board was very appreciative for the community’s support and will continue to do what they can to find ways to keep the hospital open. Once discussion was concluded the meeting was adjourned. 

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