Financial Rating of District: Straight A

The Anson ISD Board of Trustees met on July 13, 2015 in the board room at the administration building at 6:00 for their regular scheduled meeting. The meeting was called to order by Board President Mitch Heidenheimer. Don Heller then gave the opening prayer. After the prayer was concluded, Heidenheimer asked if anyone was present to speak in open forum. Sylvia Moreland said that she would like to address the board on a matter that was on the agenda. Moreland stated she had not been to a school board meeting in 40 years but she would like to speak on behalf of Cherie McKissack. She had been told that on the last day of July, the Jones County Sheriff’s Department would go to McKissack’s home and make her leave the premises due to unpaid taxes. Moreland asked the board if they would let her stay at her home until someone buys the property. She said that she had been told that there was one bid on the property, that from her understanding Ekdahl Real Estate was also looking for a place in Anson to open an office. Superintendent Baccus told Moreland that the matter to allow McKissack to stay in her home had not been placed on the agenda so the board was limited on the discussion that could be had. Baccus thanked Moreland for speaking with them. Moreland said that she appreciated the board listening to her request.

The board then heard from Paul Jason on the bond refinance package. The district would see a $300,000 savings on refunding the 2007 bonds. Due to the district’s straight A credit rating it was not difficult to get the bonds refinanced. The credit rating for the district was enhanced with the economy, finances and debt management. Once some discussion was had on the bond refinance package, the board then approved the consent agenda which included previous minutes and one student transfer. Baccus dicussed the bills and finance report and the 2015-2016 Preliminary Budget with the trustees. He said that the district would be receiving state finds and federal money but due to repairs to the track that were incurred they would be over in their budget. Baccus said that he and Marie Holmes would be compiling figures and come up with the budget for the upcoming school year but that there might need to be some decisions made on various items that might have to be cut to keep the district within their budget perimeters.

Athletic Director Chris Hagler was not in attendance to give his report. Principal David Hagler gave the middle school report. Hagler said that the campus had 20 kids finish Summer School. He said several students had to retake the reading portion of the STAAR. Hagler said that Mr. Watkins helped those students work toward passing the reading portion. He said that Watkins was good for the middle school campus and that he communicated well with the students. With school quickly approaching Hagler said they were cleaning the building for the new school year. Elementary Principal Amy McIntire gave the elementary school report. McIntire said the campus had 35 to 40 in summer school. She stated that the building was getting cleaned thoroughly and organized. McIntire said that there were ten 5th grade students who had needed to retest and that several passed. High School Principal Troy Hinds gave his report. Hinds stated 15 students were invited to attend summer school but eight showed up. He is now waiting on results from EOC testing. He and Principal Hagler are also doing GT training. Discussion was had among the trustees on the information they collected in their TASB Training in Fort Worth. Jimmy Stevens told the board that one of the seminars he attended was very interesting. In the seminar Stevens said that it focused on jobs and what education, qualifications, location and salaries individuals would need to consider when following a career path. He said there was an app that coincided with the information, and it was very interesting. Glenn Overby said that one of the seminars he attended talked about allowing teachers more preparation time by allowing students to come in a little later in the day. Baccus said he had done a book study. He said that in the book, countries that allowed their teachers more planning time were more successful. Until the US finds a way to care for the children that are living in poverty, the US will be in trouble. While children are at school they need to be worked with on at all levels. Changes need to be made in the US to make sure no children fall through the cracks. Don Heller said he enjoyed a seminar that had to do with AVID. AVID worked with students that needed extra help. The message focused on equality vs. equity. Their goal was to make all students successful. New board member Lori Boyd stated that during the training, she attended sessions that focused on new trustee information. She said that she learned valuable information from her training there.

The board then discussed the date to canvas votes for the November 3rd election. November 13, 2015 was approved for the meeting to canvas for the election. Board meeting dates for 2015-2016 were then discussed and approved. The board approved the interlocal agreement between Anson ISD and the City of Anson regarding trust properties and demolishing and clearing of trust properties deemed hazardous.

 The board approved to evict occupants of 1008 Commercial Avenue and 1832 Avenue H. No action was taken in allowing Cherie McKissack to remain in her home.

Baccus discussed with the board the finding of the district’s Spyglass audit. He said Spyglass looked at the phones, cell phones and other technology to see where a savings could be made. He said there were 14 lines not in use that could be dropped. Baccus said that the service Spyglass was providing the district could save the district a great deal of money over a period of time. The board approved to pay Spyglass and continue with their service.

The Student Code of Conduct, Student Handbook and Student Insurance were approved. A list of substitutes for 2015-2016 and the 2015-2016 Stipend List were then approved. No action was taken on the insurance claim from May 2013.

The Facilities Plan and Construction for 2014-2015 was discussed. Baccus said that work was being done on the track. He said a new base was down, oil would be poured on it, asphalt would be put down, then the surface would be laid. Progress was coming along nicely. Drainage at the football field was being addressed but there was no action taken on the fuel station and bids would be taken for softball lighting.

The board went into executive session. Upon calling the meeting back into order, the board approved the resignations of Donna Barker, Khristi Rodriguez, Alanna Fortune, Norma Ganus and Jody Steele. Employment of Donna Railsback and Billy Doty was approved. Baccus was given permission to hire teacher/coach David Hagler. A motion was also made to hire an at will employee subject to assignment. The meeting was then adjourned. 

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