FCA Experience Meaningful For Host Families

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes Organization has played an important part in the lives of students and families that are touched by the coming together of athletics and faith in Jesus Christ. Since 1954 the organization has made a commitment to empower, equip and encourage people to make a difference for Christ.  For the past 3 years Jeff and Trudie Schnoor have opened their home to athletes attending the FCA All-Star Festival.  The Schnoors have been very active in FCA in Anson. They became involved with FCA when director Steve Kenham told them what FCA was all about and the impact it had made on himself and his family. 

By becoming a host family, the Schnoors get to know the athletes who are placed in their home. They offer them a comfortable environment that shows the warmth of a strong loving family. The Schnoors attend nightly activities, prepare meals, and offer encouragement during the days leading up to the festival events. Trudie Schnoor stated,  "We love spoiling the kids. We hope that during their time with us they see our faith shine through all we do.”  This experience is not only rewarding for the athletes, it is also touching for the host families involved. Host families such as the Schnoors build relationships with their athletes and these relationships remain for years to come. 

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