Spurgin Recognizes Hard Work of Jail Staff

The Jones County Commissioner’s Court met for their scheduled meeting on May 26, 2015. The meeting was delayed one day due the Jones County Courthouse being closed for the Memorial Day holiday. Minutes from the court’s previous meeting were approved. The court then approved a limited service substation contract between the Jones County Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office and the City Hall of Hawley. This contract would allow the City Hall of Hawley to do motor vehicle registration. A donation in the amount of $6035.00 was also approved for Kash For Kids. The court then discussed and approved adding Precinct 4 to the fuels cards for the county. The precinct no longer uses their fuel tank and will utilize the card for fuel purchases once added. Cathy Michelle Cudd’s employment as a part time deputy clerk in the tax collector’s office was approved. Cudd will take the place of Holly Darnell. The court approved an agreement between the county and the Regional Victim Crisis Center. This agreement dealt with the support system for victims of sexual assault.

Jones County Sheriff Larry Moore then addressed the court on a recent jail inspection that the state had conducted. Moore stated that during the inspection he was not there and that jail administrator Racheal Garza and Danny Jimenez were present. Garza informed the court of the findings of the representative from Austin that made the inspection. She found some items that needed to be corrected in her inspection. During the inspection items noted were a missing check on the jail’s generator that had been done but had not been written down, a missing outlet cover that was remedied by the inmate in the cell being moved and the cover being replaced, a missing shower hook was replaced and the disciplinary report for the jail needed to be revised to include a date on the form. The inspector also noted the violent cell was down and had been for a year and a half but the jail was hoping to get that fixed as soon as possible. Moore told the court that the jail passed the thorough inspection and all the items noted were fixed. He also stated that the kitchen had also been inspected by the doctor. Moore said that the doctor would be leaving in June and that they were in search of a new one. He also stated that the jail was running well. Judge Spurgin stated that the inspector was complimentary of the staff and facility in her report. He said he appreciated the hard work in getting the items corrected that were noted on the report and that he appreciated the hard work of the staff at the jail and all they do. The court then approved the inspection report for the jail.

The next item to be discussed was a transfer of ESN service area for emergency medical service from Anson General Hospital EMS to City of Anson EMS. The service area would not change for the EMS Service but a letter has to be sent to the Texas Department of State Health Services when a change of ownership has occurred. The court approved the transfer be sent to TDSHS.

Judge Spurgin then discussed the TXDOT County Transportation Infrastructure Grant with the court. Precinct 2 commissioner Steve Lefevre had documentation that would need to be submitted to TXDOT. Spurgin told the court that Budget Workshop would be held in July. He said during the workshop First Care estimates would be discussed. Spurgin stated that there was a meeting in legislation dealing with residential homestead property. The state currently has $15,000 on homestead residential property but they are discussing adding an additional $10,000 extra exemption. A special election may be held on the matter but as of yet legislation is still in session. Tax notices will go out in December. Revenues will be delayed but the county should not be affected as a whole. Some entities may be affected in the delay of revenue.

Equipment purchases were then discussed. Commissioner James Clawson stated he was still looking at two machines he was interested in purchasing. He was looking into a lease purchase option. Clawson said trade for one machine would be around $60,000 and that he currently has money in his account for that. Until he has more documentation on the purchases he would like to postpone until the next meeting. Amber Thompson then presented the treasurer's report. The county had a balance of $6,260,255.16 with outstanding checks of $75,777.16 leaving a ledger balance of $6,184, 478. The court approved the treasurer’s report, budget amendments, line items transfers, paying bills and adjourned the meeting. 

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