City Approved Amendment to Hospital Loan

The Anson City Council voted to amend an existing loan with Anson General Hospital that was made at the May 11th special called meeting of the Anson City Council. The amended amount of the loan was $108,007.78. The agreement also stipulated that the Anson General Hospital would pay $96,838 when they receive payment from IGT, believed to be May 29, 2015 and the remainder of balance due 60 days after May 11, 2015. A second loan was made for up to  $72, 568 for IGT purposes with the condition that the $96,838 of the first loan be paid on or about May 29, 2015, and the second loan be paid when Anson General Hospital receives IGT payment or by July 1st, whichever is earliest.

The council also accepted a bid for the Anson Home Health Building from the Industrial Corporation Board of Anson for $60,625. The council also approved the publishing of a notice to take a sealed bid to sell property left to the hospital as part of an estate.

The council discussed taking action and amending the zoning ordinance to regulate HUD manufactured houses in City limits. After some discussion the council voted to allow an area for Manufactured Housing from Avenue C to G from 2nd to 4th and Lot 2 BLK 27 Original Town of Anson. This ordinance will be voted on at the next City Council meeting in June.

Under his City Manager’s Report, Sonny Campbell discussed the Anson EMS and he submitted an open letter that was to be printed in the paper. There was some concern because the city had decided to drop one of their Advanced Life Support (ALS) employees that worked twice a month because it was more expensive to keep him on the staff. Right now the service has three employees with one of those three works as ALS due to a waiver by the EMS Medical Director. Campbell explained that when they were reviewing the service this was basically the same as it was operating under the hospital. This open letter is viewable on page 2 of the Anson American.

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