Council Votes to Rescind Water Restrictions

City Manager Alan Plumlee reported that as of Monday night Stamford Lake was at 2.84 feet below the spillway, which is roughly 72% capacity, and still continuing to rise. The council discussed if the level of water restrictions needed to be changed due to the high level of the lake. After looking at the different levels of water restrictions the council voted to completely rescind the water restrictions. Plumlee said that the lake is expected to take on more water and the city has been pumping for 4 days straight day and night. He said that when the lake reached 2 feet below spillway it would have to stop taking water from the California Creek due to laws, but they would pump until that happened. Mayor Johnny Anders stressed how much he appreciated the citizens for conserving water over the past few years.

Also in his City Manager Report Plumlee said that the city was hoping to open the pool on June 13th and that was the tentative date for Splash Day. He also reported that they were still working on the square project and anyone that was interested in helping to donate with the addition of the lights and the updating of the current ones was welcome to contact the city about donations.

He also reported that the city was suspending Cloud Seeding for the month of June so that hopefully farmers would be able to get their wheat harvest out of the fields and their cotton planted. He also reported that the city was going to start spraying for mosquitoes.

Shelly Burnett from Atmos Energy spoke briefly to the council about Resolution 2015-5 that was part of a rate settlement. She said that the settlement was going to reflect about a $1 increase for customers per month. The council voted to pass the resolution.

The council also reviewed two bids on the consent agenda but rejected both because they had both been tagged by Reclaiming Stamford as houses that needed to be torn down.

At the end of the meeting, Mayor Johnny Anders commended Plumlee for his diligence during pumping at the diversion dam.

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