District Saves Funds By Refinancing Bond

The Anson Independent School District Board of Trustees met on May 11, 2015 for their regularly scheduled meeting in the Anson ISD board room at 6:00 p.m. The meeting began with an opening prayer by Don Heller. There was no one present to speak during open forum. Special guests were then recognized. Meadow Gallentine and Blake Vinson were presented certificates for Students of the Month for Anson Elementary. Certificates were also presented to Khristian Villegas for Anson Middle School Student of the Month and Zachary Parker for Anson High School Student of the Month.

The board approved the consent agenda which included previous minutes and student transfers. A presentation was given by Vince Vialle on refinancing the district's bonds. By refinancing, the district would try to get a lower interest rate which would achieve a savings of approximately $30,000 to $35,000 per year. The refinancing would deal with bonds from 2007. Vialle explained to the board that by refinancing the bonds the district should see a tremendous savings but it will be difficult to tell what interest rates will be in the future. He told the board that they were able to set the minimum floor on the savings they want to see for the district. He also informed the board that he could begin the process to on the refinancing issue and that in a future meeting update his presentation and they could set a parameter order that would allow them to proceed further. The board approved proceeding with the refinancing of the bond issue.

Superintendent Jay Baccus then went over the bills and finance report with the board. He stated the district currently was expecting around $2,000,000 from the state. Baccus said the district was $800,000 in the red until those payments come in. Each year the state holds funds for a certain period of time. The district budgets its money to allow for the hold and once the funds are received from the state finances,  they level out one again. Board President Mitch Heidenheimer asked Baccus how the state came up with the amount the district was given each year. Baccus stated that the amount given to the district dealt with tax rate and number of free and reduced lunches.

The principal and athletic reports were then given. Athletic Director Chris Hagler did not give his report due to a conflict of the board meeting being at the same time as the Athletic Banquet. Elementary Principal David Hargrove gave his report to the board. The report gave the attendance at the elementary school as 96.73% with an enrollment of 357. The campus has several things happening in the last weeks of school. STAAR Testing for 5th Grade and 2nd Reading test were on May 12. Field Day was scheduled for May 25 and AES Awards Day on May 28. Early dismissal will be at 2 p.m. on May 27 and 28 and at 12:30 on May 29 on the last day of school. David Hagler then gave his report for Anson Middle School. The campus's attendance was at 96 % with enrollment at 163 students. He told the board the campus had just had their 8th Grade Banquet and this was the 26th one for the campus. Hagler stated the campus was still very busy with lots going on in the last weeks of school. Events scheduled for the campus were the end of year Band Concert on May 14, May 18 and 19 Registration for 2015-2016, AMS Awards Ceremony on May 28 from 12:45 to 2:00 and 8th Grade Graduation on May 29 at 11:30. Anson High School Principal Troy Hinds gave his report. The high school campus’s enrollment was 186 with an attendance of 96%. Hinds told the board that the campus had just had their Academic Banquet and he was very pleased with the accomplishments of all the students. He said the last of the campus EOC were being completed. Events for the high school campus included NHS Induction on May 12, AHS Awards Ceremony on May 14, Battle of the Classes on May 14 and Graduation on May 29th.

Superintendent Baccus then gave his report. Student count for all campuses was 707 students. Baccus informed the board that Senate Bill 149 had been passed to deal with the issue of high school students who had not passed their end of course tests and their graduation. The bill said that a committee could be formed to decide if the student would graduate. The committee would consist of parents, counselor, principal and teacher. Baccus stated that 28,000 kids in Texas were affected by this matter. He discussed with the board that SpyGlass Technology Audit Services were looking at the cell phone bills, internet bills, land line phone bills to see if they could give the district a savings. He had not received a report from them at the time of the meeting of their findings. Baccus then went over Policy Update 102 that affected local policies. The board approved the update. On the local policy update Amy McIntire would be added as ADA/Section 504 Coordinator.

Approval was given for the Texas FFA Association Memorandum of Understanding. Ag teacher Steven Scitern was chosen as vice president of a scholarship committee. His duties on the committee would need him to be absent from school for various days during the school year. The board approved the certification form for the district's Instructional Materials Allotment and TEKS Certification. Progress on the Insurance Claim from May 2013 was discussed. Baccus said air conditioners at the elementary campus had been worked on and repairs on the middle school campus were next to be done. He said that there were damages in the auditorium that were set to be repaired also. Repairs to the campus roofs were slow due to contractor having to work in areas that had been affected by severe weather recently. Baccus then went over the facilities plan. He informed the board that Daril at Raydon was coming to look at the drainage issue at the track and football field. Nothing had been done on the fuel station or the softball field lighting yet.

During their previous meeting Baccus had discussed getting Energy Analysis, E3 Entegral Solutions to do an energy savings analysis of the campuses. Baccus said the company wanted $4000 for the district. He felt that was money wasted and he told the board no action was taken on the matter. The board took a short executive session. Upon returning resignations were accepted from Barbie Pearson and Rita Ramos. The board approved hiring Olivia Ramos as an at-will employee with an appropriate pay scale, Jennifer Miller as an at-will employee with an appropriate pay scale, a basketball coach on an 11 month contract subject to assignment, and an AES library aide as an at-will employee. The meeting was then adjourned.

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