Council Denies Property Bids

The City Council reviewed 5 bids, denying 4 of them and tabling one at the regular meeting of the Stamford City Council held May 18th. Due to the city's involvement with a new group that is helping get the information about trust properties in the City of Stamford more accessible to people, signs have gone out in the yards of these properties. The court cost has been waived on them also. Since three of the bids submitted to the council for review on Monday were for a zero bid amount with bidder just paying the $34 filing fee, the council voted to deny the zero bid amount. Many council members expressed concern that while the properties would be back on the tax roll, they thought that bidders need to at least pay something for the property. When reviewing the other two properties, Councilman James Decker expressed that he would like to get a little more information on one of the properties. The other, because of its location near the High School, he expressed that he would like to see it torn down. The council voted to deny the bid.

Also at the meeting City Manager Alan Plumlee gave his report. He reported that the city was not currently pumping water off the California Creek. He explained that the creek had not yet reached the level that pumping was possible, since there has to be a certain amount of water flowing in order to make the pumping possible. He did say that they were continuing to monitor the situation.

He also announced that Coach Casey was going to take on the management of the pool again this year and that they were shooting for an opening the first of June, but wasn’t sure of the official date due to repairs being made to the pool. Plumlee also stated that they are currently looking at some renovations to the square, and there was a meeting scheduled for Thursday at 9am to review this further.

The council also approved both agenda items: the approval of the minutes from the May 4th meeting and Resolution 2015-4 that allowed the city to join in a group to help regulate Atmos charges for $156.30 for a one year membership.

The next meeting of the city council is set for June 1st at 5:15 PM.

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