Protect, Teach, Train and Send: Envision Church Opens Its Doors


Originally starting as a Monday night prayer service held at Four Star Agricenter, the Nauerts are happy to announce the official opening of Envision Church, with their grand opening being held on April 26th. Tony and Teresa Nauert began this journey with two other couples, meeting at Four Star to watch a video message one Sunday and continued to meet from that point forward. As the meetings continued, the size of the group increased while the Nauerts would stream video from Experience Life Church in Lubbock where Amanda Nauert, wife of Tannon Nauert, served as a worship leader, effectively “knowing” the Nauerts before even officially meeting them. Tannon, Envision’s campus pastor, graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Economics and desired to move back to Stamford, but always felt like something else was in store for him.

“Growing up, I always felt God had a calling on my life to engage in full-time ministry. Little did I know how that was going to play out. When I moved to Lubbock…I realized that God was calling me out,” Tannon said. Tannon had returned for about a month before going back to Lubbock to attend Wayland Baptist. It was during this time where he met his wife, Amanda, and allowed their friendship and eventual relationship to grow. Meanwhile, the meetings at Four Star would eventually need to move, partially for insurance reasons, but mainly to allow the congregation to move to a larger space. As a result, the Nauerts were able to obtain the former site of the Movie Store on Wetherbee and begin the conversion process for Envision church to have a home.

While originally looking at finishing renovations in two months, the need to move quickly escalated to the point where the process needed to speed up, but fast pace did not deter the Nauerts from completing more than enough to open the doors for the first time.

Described as a “satellite campus,” Envision church works as a network church for Life Church out of Edmond, Oklahoma through Video messages are sent from Pastor Craig Groeschel in Edmond to all of the network churches. However, Envision, like all of the network churches, is a self-sustaining church itself, with the Nauerts along with a group of volunteers working hard to make sure each service is the best that it can be. Tannon, as the campus pastor, prepares a sermon for each service along with songs of worship during the two services every Sunday morning. The church opens its doors to any and all denominations, giving each and every person an opportunity to come worship or even give them a different way to see Christ.

“Our name means that. Envision is ‘imagining future possibility.’ That was something that was in my heart a long time ago. I was like there has got to be something or a place where people can encounter God because I want to encounter God and experience in an atmosphere that what you wear, what you look like, it doesn’t matter. Walk in. We want you to encounter God. It’s not going to be us that changes you, it’s going to be God that changes you and we see that,” Tony Nauert said.

Ever since those first meetings at Four Star Agricenter, Envision church has continued to grow and expand as new worshipers continue to make a choice. The Nauerts are thankful for the volunteers that help with the church, believing that, without them, the church would not be possible. Envision recently held a baptism service on May 3 where 24 people made the decision to be baptized outside on the square in a provided pool. Of the 24, nine had made the decision previously while the other 15 made the decision that day after listening to the service. Envision provided baptism kits to those individuals so that they could embrace their faith. It is clear that everyone that is involved with Envision church lives up to their mission statement: “Our calling is to show and offer the love of Jesus Christ to others as an act of obedience to the will of God. As a church of refuge, we will show unconditional love to anyone that enters our doors or crosses our path. We will protect, teach and train them to be leaders and followers of Christ and send them out into the world as radical missionaries to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.”

With this mission statement, everyone that is involved with Envision church welcomes one and all with open arms to each and every service. Amanda Nauert stated that, “It all comes down to are we living lives fully engulfed in what God has for us because if you truly are living wrapped up in Jesus and everything that he wants to give you and offer to you, your life is not boring. Your life is not mundane. It happens to all of us, but we feel like we are called to do.”

Envision church holds two services on Sundays at 10:00 and 11:30 am with child care provided for children from birth to 11 years old for the 10:00 am service and children from birth to 2 years old for the 11:30 am service. The Nauerts commented on how much the children are very much involved in learning about Christ and how the classrooms are already starting to shrink, but that it is very heartwarming to see the future of Stamford want to be part of the church. Envision also conducts a city-wide prayer gathering on Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm. Envision church welcomes any and all that want to worship no matter a person’s background because, ultimately, the goal is to offer that unconditional love to anyone that enters the church as they fulfill their promise of protect, teach, train and send.

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