Preparing Students For Their Future

 In a world of advancing technology and education one can be intimidated if not prepared adequately. It is important that students in lower grade levels have access to various forms of technology that help them stay up with ever changing advancements in education. On June 1, Amy McIntire will take on the position as Anson Elementary School principal. Her goal is to focus on curriculum while offering more technology to students. Amy feels teachers are the experts on what is happening with their students and in their classrooms. She believes that it is a must to train teachers in technology and to also help growth of the campus through staff development and educational training.

In 1995 Amy graduated from Rule High School. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from McMurry University and her Master’s Degree from Midwestern in 2006. As she progressed in her education she felt that becoming a principal was what she was meant to do. While she was achieving her educational goals, she joined the faculty as a 2nd Grade teacher for Anson Elementary in 1999. She moved to Rule in 2000 and taught 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. Having taught various grade levels she gained much elementary education experience.

 After teaching in Rule she took a position in Abilene as an After School Program Director. This job involved working with Abilene ISD, Jim Ned and Eula school children. She dealt with 17 after school programs with 60 part time employees. Amy would hire and train all employees while helping oversee the many programs offered. She enjoyed this job but the long hours and time worked in the summer kept her away from her family. Her job requirements made it difficult for her to be involved in the lives of her children as much as she would have liked. Family meant the world to her and not being able to be there for her children made it difficult. Amy wanted to be there to celebrate all the accomplishments of her children and to help them along the way. A position at Anson Elementary as a 1st Grade teacher became available. She loved her program director job but taking the 1st grade teacher position would make it possible for her to be home with her family. Amy took the position and taught first grade for 3 years.

Anson Middle School had a counselor position opening and she felt it was time to try something new. She got the job and has been counselor of Anson Middle School for 6 years. Amy felt very blessed to get the counselor position. She had not gone to school to become a counselor but she believed that the position helped her gain a better knowledge of the trials students face daily. Counseling students has opened her eyes to the struggle students have to deal with, not only during school but at home. Amy appreciates the relationships she has made as counselor of AMS and is excited to make many more with her staff at Anson Elementary School. Not only will this be a new challenge for her but it will also be exciting knowing that she is going to help build on the accomplishments of what the campus has already achieved.

Amy believes Anson ISD is a great school district for children to attend. She and her husband Kyle have three children attending school in Anson and one that has graduated from Anson. They are proud to call Anson their home. Being a positive role model in the lives of the children of the community of Anson is important to Amy. “I love going to the grocery store and getting hugs when the kids see me.” said Amy. Goals are important when educating the children of the district but nourishing them academically, mentally and physically is also vital. Amy plans to work with her teachers and students to ensure they are equipped with that which will prepare them to take on their future. It takes everyone working together towards the same goal to accomplish all these things, and Amy can’t wait to see what the future holds for the youth of the Anson Elementary.

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